Data Drain – Episode 25 (Outlaw Star)

It took a while but some of us recovered from the Oreo incident of the previous episode and decided we should record a normal episode. This time we discuss the awesomeness that is Outlaw Star which is a favorite from most of our childhoods, if you count late high school to college childhood. I would type more but I have some stuff to get done before the start of SGDQ which is tomorrow as of this post.

Data Drain – Episode 25 (Outlaw Star)
Starring: Jason, Shelby, Stewart, Ethan
Run Time: 00:56:35

If you liked this episode feel free to rate us on iTunes or where ever this episode shows up. Feel free to send an email to DataDrain@Nintendo-Okie.com letting us know what you liked or didn’t like and suggest an episode topic. Join us on the FaceBook group where some of us can be found being social on the internet.

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