NIS America Bringing Two New Games to Switch

NIS America is bringing two new games to Switch in the future. Both of these games were shown off during Anime Expo over the weekend. Here we give you the two trailers that were attached to the game.

Penny Punching Prince$$

The first is called Penny Punching Prince$$. It’s a top down RPG where the more money you earn the better you do. It’s coming next spring and it looks uniquely bizarre and I can’t wait to play it.

The next sounds even more interesting to me. It’s called The Longest 5 Minutes. It’s another top down RPG that asks you, “What if your ability to fight a boss depending on how good your memory was.” In the game as you play you remember more and more about your abilities. The more you remember, the more chances you have to survive against the final boss. It’s an interesting concept. I can’t wait to play it.

Both of these games are coming to Switch. The Longest 5 Minutes is expected later this year and Penny Punching Prince$$ is scheduled for early 2018.

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