Splatoon 2 Detailed During Direct

Nintendo has outlined many of the details today for their upcoming release of Splatoon 2 through a newly released Nintendo Direct focused on the title. The game, which will be out on July 21st includes a large array of new features, customization options, and characters. You can view the entire Nintendo Direct presentation below, beginning around the 11 minute mark.

First up new customization options like eye color, hair style and skin tone can be adjusted to create the most unique character yet. Speaking to a new character, named Murch, players can buy new equipment to outfit their character. This new gear will give yous pecial abilities like being able to move faster, decrease spawn time, and reduce the amount of ink you use with your weapons.

Players can also visit the Inkopolis Galleria to buy new clothing from a series of shops. This row of popular gear and weapon shops is where all the cool kids and squids hang out. In Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, a jellyfish named Jelfonzo will help players obtain T-shirts and jackets. A spider crab named Bisk runs the shoe shop Shella Fresh, while Flow the sea slug helps players at the headwear shop Headspace. Weapons can be picked up by stopping by Ammo Knights, run by the knowledgeable horseshoe crab Sheldon. And who doesn’t love food? Inklings can grab a bite at Crusty Sean’s dive to get more points and in-game currency from battles.

Alongside Splatoon 2 the new Nintendo Switch Online app will launch. This will allow players to access SplatNet 2 the see tons of information about the game, join matches and chat with other players. The app will be free and will launch alongside the game on the 21st.

The get people ready to join battles in the game a demo will be made available for download through the eShop. A Splatfest will be held on July 15th from 5:00pm – 9:00pm CST. The Splatfest will pit players against each other in a battle to determine which is better, cake or ice cream. Two new characters, Pearl and Marina, will be the hosts of the Splatfest.


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