Scribblenauts Creator Bringing New Community Focused Game to Switch

When you say the words ‘From the developer of Scribblenauts,’ you have my attention. Co-founder of 5th Cell and current head of developer Digital Continue, Joe Tringali is working on a new game called Next Up Hero. The game is currently in development, but they’ve sent along a trailer showing some early game play of the game. I’m very interested in seeing more of this game.

Choose from a large selection of adorable heroes, fight your way through Rogue-esque levels and, inevitably, die. But death isn’t the end in Next Up Hero! When you kick it you’ll leave behind a ghost that hangs around to bolster the next challenger as an AI sidekick. With each player death, the army’s power grows to help the community power through enemies of increasing difficulty.

The hook of the game is that only one hero can be in battle at any one time. You’ll be working alongside other players in what they’re calling community game sessions. You’re going to die and when you do your character leaves behind a ghost that can be resurrected in other player’s games to help them fight and defeat bosses.

Next Up Hero is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux early next year. Check out this trailer for the game to see it in action.

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