Infinite Minigolf Review (PS4/PSVR)

In my family, mini golf is a past time. When we go on vacation, we make a usual point to stop at an interesting course and have some competitive fun. Infinite Minigolf for the PS4 promises to bring that pastime outside of the sphere of our vacations and into the living room for us to play, whenever we feel like it.

Infinite Minigolf opens up with 706 holes to be played solo or in local/online modes with up to eight people. These holes are spread across three different tournament environments. Giant Home is exactly what you’d think with that name, the courses are made out of cardboard whit obstacles made out of everyday items you might find in a kid’s messy room. Santa’s Factory is Christmas themed with the courses being made out of ice and winter items spread throughout. Nightmare Mansion is richly Halloween themed with courses made out of what you’d expect to see in a graveyard and obstacles like pumpkins, chained up coffins and burning candles.

IMG_Giant HomeGameplay is incredibly similar to what I would’ve expected out of something in an arcade. None of the pre-made holes are too difficult and a 9-hole tournament could be completed in about ten minutes. There was also something that I’d never seen in a golf game without the name “Mario” on it, power-ups. On almost all of the pre-made holes, you’ll find things like a spring to boost your ball in the air, a rocket ship that with a button press gives your ball a speed boost, a magnet that draws you ball to the hole or an antenna that when activated, gives you direct control of the ball for a few moments (just to name a few).

Each hole was also cleverly designed with multiple possibilities to get the ball where it needed to be. As with a real life mini golf course, you may save two strokes by going through the windmill rather than going around it, hitting the ball to the quadcopter may save some strokes as it flys the ball to the hole.IMG Course Editor_1

Infinite Minigolf also has a editor mode that lets you create a seemingly infinite number of your own holes should you get bored with the included set. You pick an environment and then start dropping parts wherever you want till you make something you like. You have easy drop-in/drop-out play with what you’re working on to test that ramp you just placed or whatever you may need without having to finish the full project. If you finish making something you’re proud of, you can even upload it for others to play, provided you can complete the course yourself first.

Progression was a little disappointing to me as the only unlockables you get are cosmetic items to dress your player with. Shirts, hats, eyewear, pants, shoes, clubs and even your hairstyle can all be bought with a confusing card system though the in-game shop. When you play, you earn random packs of cards, each card is good toward a specific item set, each item requires a specific number of cards in that set to buy it. You also earn coins when playing in tournaments that can be used to buy additional packs of cards. Unfortunately, the contents of those packs are still random as to what items they’ll be good for in the shop. In all honesty, it felt like it was designed for a mobile device that would be trying to sell me 500 coins for 99 cents.

IMG_MultiplayerPSVR mode was a nice inclusion in the game but ultimately a bit of a disappointment as well. Thought there was a solid framerate and no issues with getting it to work, all it really does is give you the same screen you see on the TV but with  little more interaction. I guess I had some wild high hopes that I’d be taking the role of my virtual golfer, swinging my club with a MOVE controller on a virtual plane but that was far from the experience you get. What I can compare this to is playing Thumper in VR, you get the same game as on the TV with the same controls but you get a new angle by having the privilege of your head being the camera.

With the plethora of possible levels to create for yourself or download from other players around the world, Infinite Minigolf  will really seem like an infinite game. Though individual progression and PS VR mode where little bit of a disappointment, the multiplayer is where this game shined for me. Sitting in the living room with four friends, passing the controller around while we each take our shots really does bring the past time of mini golf into the house.

Four Stars

Review copy provided by ZEN Studios

Time played: ~6hrs


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