.hack//G.U. Last Recode Gets Details On New Content

19238177_1046861208782087_7642313204871027896_oWhen .hack//G.U. Last Recode was announced there was mention of additional content. In this week’s Famitsu Magazine details about the new content have been revealed.

The first bit of info we’re given is the new story is Haseo has been away from The World R:2 for a year and three months. Upon his return he discovers his friend Ovan frozen and thus Haseo must gather the old crew and find a way to save Ovan.

IMG_7580Some other details for the new content include a character named Kusabira. Kusabira is a mysterious girl and she seems to understand the situation with Ovan. There was also mention of Haseo getting a fifth form which will add to his arsenal of combat abilities.

The last bit of news was what is included in the premium edition of Last Recode. The premium edition will include a disc set of the soundtrack, drama CD, and an anime Blu-ray. A booklet for a new move and art based around the new content will also be included.

While this is currently Japan exclusive there was the mention of a physical copy being released in the US a couple of weeks ago. Maybe we’ll see some version of a premium edition here as well.


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