Nintendo Switch Is Getting Realistic Racer in Gear.Club Unlimited

Microsoft has Forza. Sony has Gran Turismo. Now Nintendo has theirs. It’s called Gear.Club Unlimited and it’s coming from developer Eden Games and publisher Microids. What do we know about this game the developers are calling the ‘First Serious Racing game for Nintendo Switch”? Not a whole lot, actually.

The developers have released a 45 second teaser trailer for the game showing off some cars racing down winding roads. It looks really pretty. The cars are going really fast. That’s really all it shows off. According to the press release showing off the teaser footage:

Gear.Club Unlimited offers players a driving experience behind the wheel of prestigious cars from leading brands. They will have to demonstrate a strong competitive spirit during frantic races to win championships and set the fastest lap times, alone or against their friends! In order to make their cars ever more powerful and aggressive, players can customize them – from body to engine!

They also promise that the game will be out by the end of the year. You can see the trailer below or head over to the developers official website for more information. I’ll pass anything new along to you as it comes.

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