The Nintendo World Championships Are Back This October

At E3 2015 Nintendo brought back their competitive series, the Nintendo World Championship at E3. Today the company announced that they’re bringing them back again. The event will be held on October 7th this year at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom in New York. Event qualifiers will take place in August and September.

To qualify for the event you’ll need to enter one of the qualifying events being held at Best Buy stores around the country. The full list is shown below. At the event competitors will get a chance to enter the tournament by setting a fast lap time in Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 2DS. There are two separate age brackets. Players 12 years old and younger will have to set lap times using Mario in a Standard Kart with Standard Wheels, and the Super Glider on the Luigi’s Mansion course from the DS. Players 13 years and older will set their lap using Bowser in a Standard Kart, Standard Wheels, and Super Glider in the Bowser’s Castle 1 course from the GBA. The person setting the fastest lap time at each event will be qualified to compete in the Nintendo World Champsionship in October.

During those qualifying rounds spectators will also get the chance to demo two upcoming titles, Metroid: Samus Returns and Super Mario Odyssey. My Nintendo members will also receive a QR code for 100 bonus Platinum My Nintendo coins and the first 200 people at each event will receive a My Nintendo pin.

For more information about the event head over to the Nintendo World Championship site.

NWC Events

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