Use Your Words Review (Switch)

Finding new games to play with friends or family can sometimes be hard. Do you have all the stuff you need? Will everyone really want to play this? Well, games like Use Your Words prove that the answer to both of those questions can be yes. Just about everyone today has some form of internet connected device, whether it’s an iPod, a phone, a refrigerator, or a computer. Okay, you probably can’t play Use Your Words on your refrigerator just yet, but that day will come soon. Whatever device you have you should grab it, get a couple of friends or family members together and play the game.

Sub the Title.pngThis game is similar to other party pack games like JackBox where the game acts as a central hub that everyone connects their device to using a special website and a unique code. Unlike those types of games, however, this one puts you through the same rotation of games every time. While at first that seems a little counter-intuitive the mix of games present in this package are different enough and last just the right amount of time that they feel great every time you play.

Once everyone is gathered together and connected the game begins. Your put through a series of rounds featuring one of the game’s four different varied mini-games. Sub the Title gives you a movie clip that will have a couple of different lines of dialogue. These are always in a foreign language. They give you the first line. It’s up to you to provide the second line. Black-O-Matic gives you a phrase with a blank at the end that you have to fill in. Extra! Extra! shows you a picture and you provide a news style headline for it. Once everyone has entered their response to the given prompt players all vote on the one they like the best. You have to be careful though, because they also toss in an answer that they provide, called the House Answer. If you choose that one you lose points. The final round is a three question quick fire round where even more points are at stake. The person after all rounds with the most points is declared the winner.

Use Your Words 3The beauty of the game is that anyone can play. Whether you’re creative, witty, clever, or none of the above. The answers you give provide the fun. It doesn’t matter the situation, even what some people would consider the most uninspired answer can be ironically hilarious and have everyone in the room laughing. That’s what makes games like these so fun. My family and I have played it together a few times now and the entire time it’s been nothing but laughter. We have even begun incorporating some of the things from the game into inside jokes amongst ourselves. Gamera’s never been so funny as it has since we played this game.

All of it is wrapped up in a just bordering on the edge of cheesy package designed to look like something from the 50’s or 60’s. You’ve got drive in theaters, huge, room filling computers with reel to reel tape, fantastic foreign films, and all the neon lighting you could ask for. It’s the perfect package for a game like this that definitely doesn’t take itself at all seriously.

Speaking of seriously, Seriously, if you’ve got a Switch, a few people with internet connected devices, and a few minutes to engage in clever, hilarious fun you should pick up Use Your Words. I was a little worried at first that the seeming lack of game variety would be an issue, but the focus on one tight presentation makes the game one my family is going to be going back to again and again for family game nights.

Four Stars

Review copy of the game provided by the developer.
Played through it numerous times.

Total Play Time: 5 hours

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