Nintendo Themed Cars Coming to Rocket League

Switch owners will finally get a chance to play Rocket League later this year and when they do they’ll have some Nintendo exclusive content to get a hold of while they play. It comes in the form of some special Nintendo themed cars. As you can see in the pictures they’re skinned like popular Nintendo characters Mario, Luigi, or Samus. The Mario and Luigi cars called Mario NSR and Luigi NSR will be shown depending on which team you are playing for. Mario will be chosen if you play for the Orange team and Luigi will be chosen if you play for the Blue team. The Samus cars will also vary based on which team you choose, and the developers say that they’ll be based on different suits that Samus wears. All of these cars will have specialized boosts and can be unlocked as you play.


The game will also allow you to play cross-platform against players on Xbox One and PC. I reached out to the developers to ask if these cars would be displayed when playing cross-platform. They confirmed that they will not be shown. When playing with Xbox One or PC players they will see “a general Rocket League car. For the Mario/Luigi it will be Octane and for Samus it will be Breakout.”

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