Switch Exclusive Racer Gear Club Gets Release Date

Microids and Eden Games today announced the release date for their upcoming Switch exclusive racing game, Gear Club Unlimited.  The game will be available for purchase at retail and the eShop on December 1st, 2017.  According to their most recent press release:

For the first time on Nintendo Switch, players will discover an authentic racing car universe with Gear.Club Unlimited. They will approach the most incredible rides currently on the market, vibrate to the sound of high power engines to live a driving experience second to none in the most beautiful cars in the world.

Gear Club Unlimited will offer three different racing modes: Derby Mode, where players will race against seven other competitors.  Rally mode will allow you and three others to take the race off-road and Time Trial will let you test your fastest lap against others.  Not only that but there will be 16 super cars available to race in as well.

Super Car List

Not only that the publisher has released a new trailer for the game, which you can see right here:

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