DOOM on Switch is Exciting

Bethesda has decided to go all in on Switch. From the launch of the system it was hinted that Skyrim was coming to the system, even if they wouldn’t fully confirm it. That was proven true just a few weeks after launch. I sort of thought that was going to be it and that would be the only game we saw from them, at least for a while. Now, six months into the life of the Switch, during a Nintendo Direct presentation, Bethesda tossed out a couple of very surprise announcements.

DOOM_Switch_Screenshot_3_1505830714DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Order are both coming to Switch. While Wolfenstein won’t be out until next year DOOM is set for release later this year. Some press people have recently gotten some time with the game and they say it works surprisingly well on the Switch. It’s running at 30 frames per second and the draw distance isn’t quite the same as on the more powerful consoles. It also looks a little muddy if you compare screenshots side by side with the PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game, but on its own it looks really nice, plays really well and feels the way they same DOOM should feel.

That should be a testament to just how well Switch is already doing in it’s first six months. If the console was just sort of getting by and people were mildly interested in it I don’t think Bethesda would be doing this at all. The system is outperforming everyone’s expectations, I think even Nintendo’s and third parties are starting to take notice. These Bethesda announcements shouldn’t be taken lightly as these releases could dictate to some degree third party support moving forward. Ubisoft, Capcom, 2K, and even EA to an extent have all put some effort behind their Switch releases. Independent developers are flocking to the system. All of these things combined together hint at a very bright future for Nintendo’s platform.

Bethesda promises DOOM will includes all the game’s multiplayer DLC and Arcade Mode. It’s expected to be out this Holiday season.

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