Quest of Dungeons Review (Switch)

There are a lot of rogue-like games on the market now and they’re the kind of game you either love or hate. Quest of Dungeons has been out for a while on other systems, like the 3DS and PC, but it’s just recently been released for the Nintendo Switch. There are a lot of games in the genre out there vying for your attention. What makes this one a game you should check out?

Quest of Dungeons Review 1An evil wizard has stolen all the light in the world and four heroes have team up together to deafeat him and bring light back into the world. You must choose one of those four characters, head deep into the dungeons, collecting loot, defeating bosses, and ultimately the wizard to succeed.

Each of the game’s four characters play very differently from each other. The Warrior focuses heavily on melee attacks, can take more damage. The Wizard focuses mainly on spells and needs lots of mana to perform effectively. The Assassin utilizes ranged attacks and doesn’t like to get close to enemies. The Shaman mixes both the Wizard and Warrior together in a sort of battle mage type character that can fight close when needed or at range using magic.

In each level you move around attacking enemies and leveling your character up to get as far into the dungeon as you can. You move around the grid based levels. To attack enemies in melee you simply move into the same square as them. The characters will Quest of Dungeons Review 2.PNGdeal attacks to each other until one is dead. Some characters will allow you to use ranged attacks where you can target specific enemies and fight them from a distance. A quick button press will allow you to scroll through eligible targets or you can have the AI target the closest enemy to you and attack them until they’ve been deefeated.

Much like other rogue-like dungeon crawlers all movement is synced together. No enemies on the screen move unless the player does. This allows you to take some time to try and set up strategies, move your character around to get them in better position or use some of the environmental objects to block enemy paths to get closer to you. As you defeat enemies they’ll often drop loot that can be sold at shops found in the dungeons or equipped to make your character a better fighter.

As with any rogue-like game there is some randomness associated with success. Most of the time you’ll find that you’re dropped in a fairly safe area with lower level enemies that will allow you to earn some cash, find some gear and equip yourself better to get farther into the dungeon. Sometimes though you’ll find that you’ve spawned in a room with a boss or that you just don’t get any decent gear to equip your fighter with. You have to chalk those moments up to bad luck, restart and just move on. While there is some Quest of Dungeons Review 3randomness, and a bit of good luck will help you go far, learning the different enemies, how to use traps to your advantage and just understanding how the game works will get you farther as you learn more.

As you die, and you will die a lot you’ll have to start back from the beginning with a new dungeon layout, new enemy placement and different loot to find. Some games will allow you to keep some equipment between runs, some will allow you to keep your levels to make it easier each run through the dungeon. Quest of Dungeons forces you to get better by learning the game. Once you die it’s back to the beginning with nothing. The game might be easier if you could keep some equipment or experience, but it might not be as fun. This game seems to have found a good balance on luck versus skill and it works very well.

Quest of Dungeons is one of dozens of rogue-likes to come out in recent years. Some rely on popular properties to bring them attention. Some come with crazy mechanics or characters. This one, however, just focuses and bringing you that “one more run” approach. You’ll have a particularly good run and when you die you just can’t help but want to boot it right back up and go again.

Four Star

Review copy of the game provided by Upfall Studios
Played through the full game
Total Play Time: 12 hours

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