Mutant Mudds Collection Coming to Switch

Nintendo is getting another great release in the platformer library. Atooi announced today that they’ll be bringing a new compliation of games to the Nintendo Switch. It’s called Mutant Mudds Collection and it includes some of the hardest platforming challenges I’ve played since the Mega Man games on the NES.

This package will include Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which was an updated version of the original game released in 2011 that includes 80 levels of platforming. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, which upped the difficulty factor by about eleven hundred and brought some really tough boss fights is also included. There is also one new game, Mudd Blocks. This new game has series protagonist Max fighting the vile mudds, who for some reason have taken block form, by throwing water bombs or other multi-colored mudds at them. It includes both single player and two player co-op as well as competitive modes and more.

The package is set to release later this year on the Switch.

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