Mantis Burn Racing Includes Cross-Platform Play

This generation’s most important development in the world of games could be cross-platform play. Since online play became a thing it’s been a dream of video game players that they would be able to play with their friends no matter where they were or what system they were playing on. Earlier this year one of the biggest games in the history of electronic entertainment, Minecraft, announced it would have cross-platform play between users on the Xbox One, PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Since then the number of titles utilizing this functionality has been steadily increasing.

Mantis Burn 1

In the last few months it’s been confirmed that in addition to Minecraft that other titles would be getting the ability to play across systems. Rocket League joined shortly after and then it was confirmed that Chess Ultra would also support cross-platform play. Last week arena shooter Crazy Justice was announced to have the functionality between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Today a fifth title joins that list, Mantis Burn Racing.

While no release date has been announced the game will be coming to Switch and it will feature cross-platform play between Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also run at 60fps for single player and 30 for 3-4 player split screen. Here’s a trailer showing the game in action.

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