Rogue Singularity Looks to Classics For a Modern Platformer

Australian Developer Considerable Cotnent is bringing a new 3D platformer to the Nintendo Switch. The game is called Rogue Singularity and while the game may be new the developers are saying that they’re looking to the past and things people like from classic platformers.

The team here at Considerable Content have poured all of our technical tricks into making this the best game it can be, comparable to the best 3D platformers that shaped our gaming tastes when we were youngsters in the 1990s. Nintendo titles have inspired us as creatives for decades, so we are thrilled to share our creation with the world on Nintendo Switch!

Rogue Singularity

The team says they want people who grew up with the Nintendo 64 or the PS1 to feel a rush of nostalgia as they jump across treacherous worlds. You play as a robot trying to survive through an infinite series of procedurally generated worlds. Other features include:

  • Back to the classics: Revisit the golden age of 3D platforming, reimagined with gleaming new graphics and cutting edge game design.
  • Galaxy of danger: Pit your precision gaming skills against increasingly difficult levels populated by traps, monsters, and devious villains.
  • Take on the boss: Take on the villainous intergalactic overlord who is the master of the singularity, and battle his fearsome lieutenants in pulse-pounding boss fights.
  • Play forever: Endless procedurally generated levels through jungles, volcanoes, and factories as well as stranger places, including giant beehives and floating coral reefs.
  • Share the challenge: Beat procedurally-generated levels to set your best time, then challenge the world to knock you off the top of the online leaderboard.
  • Build your hero: Collect interchangeable body parts for your robot then mix and recolor them to create a unique hero.
  • Cosmic beats: Groove to a blistering electronic soundtrack by chiptunes legend Derris Kharlan.

The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2018. If you’re interesting in checking out the game now a beta is available on Steam right now.

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