New Game From Oklahoma Developer Hits Kickstarter

When a developer from here in Oklahoma makes a game I usually pay attention. When a developer makes a game that looks heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda and looks beautiful and fun at the same time I really pay attention. Developer Matt Vile over at Iconic Games has just launched a Kickstarter for a new project he’s working on. The game is called The Untold Legacy and the early looks at the game have my interest piqued.

Untold CharacterI’ve been following the development of the game for a while. He’s been posting concept art, in progress models, and other bits of development behind the scenes. A Kickstarter for the project went live yesterday. The team is asking for $60,000 to complete the project, but there are, as expected, plenty of stretch goals should they go past that initial funding. Switch owners get the first extra as there is a stretch goal of $80,000 for a Switch version of the game. Other stretch goals are currently hidden but unlock every $20-30,000 after that.

Backers of the project can get a digital copy of the game for $15 and the first demo will be available sometimes in the first part of 2018. Other rewards include digital wallpapers, a soundtrack, early access to the alpha/beta versions of the game, getting your own recipe included or an appearance as an NPC.


The Untold Legacy is a story-rich action adventure game, set in the diverse world of Loomia. Gameplay is action-based hack and slash, filled with exploration, a touch of RPG elements, and variety of truly unique items, that all mold together to breath fresh life into the genre. Unlike most games of similar style, The Untold Legacy has a massive emphasis on story, and it’s one that’s sure to inspire those who experience it. You’ll adventure through diverse and breathtaking landscapes, complete compelling quests with rich story and useful rewards, battle against truly menacing foes, and you’ll do it all both when, and how you choose.

The Kickstarter will be live until November 30th and you can view it and more information about the game here.

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