Gear.Club Unlimited Gets New Trailer / Release Date

The upcoming racing game for Nintendo Switch from Eden Games and publisher Microids, Gear.Club Unlimited got another new trailer today. This new trailer shows off some more of the game’s features, such as a customizable garage and different options for customizing your cars. Some of the new features and shops available include:

  • Mechanical workshop: modification of the engine and the gearbox
  • Tires workshop: to change tires and brakes
  • Body workshop: make the car lighter
  • Wind tunnel: improved aerodynamics
  • Rally workshop: transformation of cars to adapt them for the off-road competition in rally mode
  • Paint workshop: paint rims, bodywork and brake discs
  • Cosmetic workshop: customisation of the hood, bumpers, side skirts and to add fins to your cars

It also shows off a little more of the game play. You can race in traditional road races and rally races as well as local multi-player races with up to four people on the same system both when docked and in tablet mode.

To go along with the release of the new trailer Microids also announced that the game is getting a new release date in North America. It will now release on November 21st both physically and digitally. The physical release of the game will be exclusive to Gamestop temporarily before being available at other retail outlets.

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