Miiverse Has Officially Shuttered

It’s the end of an era.  Nintendo has officially closed the doors to Miiverse, their attempt at a closed social media network.  The service allowed fans to create post, draw pictures and have discussions about the games they were playing with other people from around the world.  It was a nice attempt and early on was something I was eager to use.

The service launched on Wii U and would eventually make it’s way to the 3DS as well.  Early on in the life of the service I was eager to use it and actually made some friends through the service who I still talk to today.  As with anything, though, Nintendo attempted to make things better as the service went along and I thought many of the changes made hampered people’s ability to have decent and meaningful conversations.

Communities would be filled with art created by players and many of those posts were featured here on the site over the period of a few months.  It brought about the rise of numerous memes, such as the infamous ‘Why can’t Metroid crawl?’ or the one user who was obsessed over the water effects in games.  Even games that no one played had thriving communities of people, mostly who were trolling other people in the community.

The writing was on the wall when Nintendo announced that Switch would not feature any Miiverse integration.  Data miners then found information about the end of Miiverse in an update on the Wii U.  It was eventually confirmed that Nintendo would be shuttering the service for good and that time has finally come.  Miiverse is no more.  Nintendo has moved towards allowing users to post to Twitter or Facebook on the Switch.

It was fun while it lasted.  Hopefully you requested an archive of all of your Miiverse posts.  I did not.  They’re lost to me forever.

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