RIME Review (Switch)

Rime is a 3D adventure/puzzle game that follows the journey of a kid who awakens on an island after being shipwrecked. Exploration and puzzle solving are the key to surviving the many mysteries of this unfamiliar land. There are a number of creatures that inhabit the island that you will encounter but not all of them are friendly. As you solve puzzles you will delve deeper into an emotional story told through a wordless narrative.

When I started Rime, I was reminded of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in how the starting location had a similar feel to it.I spent several minutes staring in awe at my surroundings and maybe chasing a crab around the beach. As I progressed further into the story it became apparent this was not a Zelda game but something closer to Journey or Ico with an emotional story to share.

The majority of gameplay in Rime consisted of climbing, climbing and more climbing… almost too much. It felt like I would come to a puzzle and just look for a ledge to climb to get to the solution. There is some running, jumping, and swimming too, but it seems your destiny is to climb. The puzzles were a bit of a disappointment to me and became a chore after a while. The puzzles ranged from activating certain types of switches to moving objects to other locations. There were some neat puzzles that involved light and shadow that I would have loved to see more of with a higher difficulty level.

For the most part, the controls worked fine on the Switch.I had some issues with the jump controls as there were a few times where I would jump to a ledge and fall short or just fail to get a grip on the ledge. There is a button that allows your character to roll while running, but I honestly did not find any use for the roll function at any point in the game. An interesting thing to note is that there is a button that will let you sing quietly to yourself or yell out loud, depending on the situation, and you can yell at fire to make it roar to life for a brief moment.

I want to talk about the music for the game, but it did so well blending into the scenario that I didn’t notice it.  At the very least, I can say the music did not feel out of place.

About half an hour into the game, I encountered framerate issues that were enough to cause some concern. There were moments where the frame rate would go from smooth movement to a slideshow as I used the right stick to look around. If this was just a dip in frames for a brief second I wouldn’t have mentioned it but it was consistent enough that it would happen while I was standing still trying to enjoy the scenery. By the time I made it the second location, the frame rate issues seemed to have resolved.

Rime is an experience that is somewhere between Journey and Ico and just as beautiful and emotional. The puzzles are not overly complex making it easier to enjoy, if not a bit tedious. The wordless narrative helps express a deeper emotional attachment to the story. Rime is simple enough for most players to pick up and enjoy. If you like games with deep emotional meanings and unique ambience such as Journey or Ico then I recommend you check out Rime.




Review Copy Provided By The Publisher
Total Play Time: 6 to 7 hours

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