Skyrim’s amiibo Support

If you’re looking forward to this week’s release of Skyrim on the Switch and you’re wondering just exactly how the amiibo support works I’ve got you covered.  Every amiibo that I’ve tested has produced some in-game content of some sort.

The amiibo from the Legend of Zelda series give you a chance to get the Zelda themed equipment you’ve seen previously, such as the Champion’s Tunic, the Master Sword, and the Hylian Shield.  You’re not guaranteed to get these from the first drops, however, so it make take a few tries to get yourself completely decked out as Link.

Skyrim Chests 1

Other amiibo will drop generic chests that will give you various in-game items like potions and food.  Any amiibo I owned worked so it appears that if you have a large collection of amiibo you can get a large amount of different stuff in the game.

If you don’t own any amiibo and want the Zelda themed equipment you’re not left out in the cold.  According to a recent press release:

Skyrim amiibo

So have no fear.  If you’re willing to climb to the tallest peak in all of Skyrim you too can become the Champion of Skyrim.  It seems fitting to have to endure a quest like that to get some good loot.  Those pieces of equipment are better than most of the equipment you’ll get early in the game.

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