DOOM Review (Nintendo Switch)


The portal to Hell has been opened and one of the most critically acclaimed games from 2016 is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Full of gore, heavy metal and nonstop action, DOOM can now be played on the go and in the palm of your hands.

What You Need to Know

DOOM is a first person shooter where the player assumes the roll of the DOOM Slayer. Awoken from your sarcophagus which was found on a recent exploration into Hell, you find that demons are lurking about in the UAC base on Mars and its up to you to end them. “Rip and tear, till it’s done” are your instructions as you fight through the overrun facility and eventually into Hell in order to close the portal and save the day.


Story? Who Needs A Story?! 

One of the things you realize early on in the game is that the pacing is lightning fast. From the moment you gain control of the DOOM Slayer, you are bashing demons into pulp with almost nothing in-between for context. All of the story is optional in that you can stand in front of a monitor as it’s explaining something or keep running to the next fight. It’s clear that the developers know the story is unimportant because there is a specific scripted moment where the DOOM Slayer throws a screen to the ground while a mission brief is playing. This is not to say that the story isn’t good though, it’s just pretty run of the mill in comparison to the action going on around it. Energy crisis on earth leads to scientists on Mars siphoning energy from Hell, someone gets greedy and blasts the portal wide-open, enter the DOOM Slayer.

So Much Power!


There have been moments in DOOM where I felt like the most powerful thing I’ve ever been in a video game. From the opening sequence to the closing credits, there is ALWAYS something you can use to tear through what’s in front of you. That’s not to say it’s an easy task but rather that the fight never stops. The game uses an “action forward” way of pacing that rewards you running into the middle of a horde by dangling the perk of extra ammo or health coming from almost all enemy deaths. Running low on health, falling a demon with your hands in a “Glory Kill” always grants the reward of health to keep you in the fight. Even if you were to ever run out of ammo, killing a demon with the chainsaw (which uses fuel) always ends with a shower of ammo from the demon’s bloody corpse.

It Is A Port-al To Hell....In Your Hands!

To be clear, prior to reviewing this game on the Nintendo Switch, I had never played anything else in this series besides DOOM for the Gameboy Advance back when I was in High School. That said, I know for a fact that this port has lost and changed some things from it’s original releases last year. First off, the game is locked at 720p/30fps in comparison to the 1080p/60fps of it’s PS4/XBO counterparts. DOOM 4Another change is that the multiplayer excludes the customizable Snap Map feature held dear by some. To me, these changes are negligible in comparison to the portability aspect that comes with it being on the Switch. It really is a marvel that about a decade ago, my mind was blown playing the original PC game on my GBA and now I’m able to take this amazing reboot on a road trip all the same!

Chainsaw Solo

Two things that have to be credited in this review are the amazing heavy metal soundtrack and spine tingling sound design. From the opening theme being created using a chainsaw as the lead instrument, there is never a dull moment in the blood-pumping music. There is no lull when slaying demons, always fast, always hard and always in your head is a booming track, driving you to rip and tear. The sound effects are also intense by lowering the volume of the music the moment you go in for a glory kill so you can hear the bones snap as you crush a skull in-between your hands or the splat of a demon’s guts when they’re sprayed against a wall. It is AMAZING!


Despite the minor changes, this is an excellent portable version of an amazing game that I had a blast playing. With things like a score based arcade mode, weapon upgrades I missed on my first playthrough and online multiplayer still left for me to dive into, I see DOOM sitting on my home screen for many months to come!

Five STar

Review Copy Provided By The Publisher
Total Play Time: “More than 10 hours”


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