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Pinball FX3 Launch Tournament

To celebrate the launch of Pinball Fx3 on the Nintendo Switch I thought we’d have a little fun and make a little competition.  For the first week we’ll be holding a tournament using one of the new tables that will be available when the game launches on Tuesday.  

All you need to do to enter the tournament is to download Pinball FX3 from the Switch eShop.  The game is a free download and just by downloading it you’ll have one table, Sorcerer’s Lair for free.  The developers are also making their new two pack of tables free for the launch week.  Download the Carnival and Legends pack from in-game.  You’ll need them to participate in the tournament.  
The easiest way to ensure you have access to the tournament is to add me as a friend on the Switch.  My friend code is 0357-5335-4223.  From the tournaments menu in the game search for tournament by friends.  You’ll also need a password.  It’s Okie34.  We’ll be using the Adventure Land table for this tournament.  There are no special rules.  This will be straight pinball.  Post your high score.  The person with e highest score at the end of the week wins $10 in eShop credit. 

Since the Switch is region free this is open to anyone (except people affiliated with Nintendo Okie).  The eShop credit will be valid for the North American eShop.  Here’s my score to give you a goal to shoot for. 


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