2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review: Predictions for 2018

Every year on the site we make a list of predictions that will happen in the new year.  Some of them are pretty sure bets.  Some of them are wishful thinking.  Some are pretty far out there.  Regardless they’re interesting things that we think will happen in the coming year.  Here are all of the things we think will happen in 2018.

Jason’s Predictions:

Loot Box

1. .hack//G.U. Last Recode will sell enough copies to get another .hack// game or anime in the works

2. Legislation will be passed in Europe that essentially regulates the use of loot boxes in video games

3. Death Stranding will be announced to release in 2018 (Rule clarification: I am only stating it will be announced. Not that it will definitely come out. Game could get delayed after announcement.)

4. Nintendo announces they will stop creating new IPs for the Nintendo 3DS (Clarification: no new Nintendo games will begin development for the 3DS)

5. Micah will see the error of his ways and find salvation in the Monster Hunter franchise

Stewart’s Predictions:


1. I will finally break down and buy a Switch.

2. We will see announcements for remasters for Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

3. Nintendo will announce more Switch ports of Wii U titles such as
Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

4. There will be an announcement for a new updated Switch, called the
“New Switch.”

5. The Vita will still have a bit of life left in it.

Shannon’s Predictions


1. Shenmue 3 sees another delay pushing it out of it’s promised 2018 release.

2. Yakuza Kiwami 2 announced for US, possible digital-only due to poor sales of Kiwami 1.

3. Kingdom Hearts 3 released.

4. We will see a limited edition Switch console with some sort of themed tablet.

5. The ‘mini’ N64 Classic everyone is hoping for does not exist.

Ethan’s Predictions

Super Mario Cereal

1. FNAF 6 will not be the end of the game series

2. Konami will push more Metal Gear Pachislot/Pachinko, possibly with VR.

3. Starr Mazer will finally get a release date

4. CC2’s announcement coming in February 2018 will be about a new .hack//

5. Nintendo will push more cereal amiibo out with other character themes such as Zelda or Star Fox

Shelby’s Predictions


1. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva DX will see a physical release in the west.

2. There will be no talk of a “proper” Animal Crossing game for Switch.

3. There will be some sort of Mario Legacy Collection that includes Super Mario Sunshine.

4. Microsoft will establish a firm foothold with the Xbox One and start to gain ground back from Sony.

5. Everyone on the Okie staff will buy at least one Vita game (cross-buy notwithstanding).

Tony’s Predictions

Wario Land

1. Nintendo will continue to dominate 2018 and will outsell the Xbox One and Playstation 4 (not combined).

2. There will be re-masters / re-releases for both the Mario and Zelda series. I think we’ll see a Galaxy Collection and Skyward Sword will get an HD Remake.

3. Nintendo will announce a new Wario Land game on Switch or a new entry in the Drill Dozer franchise.

4. At least two franchises that have not had amiibo previously will get a line.

5. The Virtual Console will finally see the light of day. GameCube games will be a part of the service in whatever form it takes.

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