Redeem My Nintendo Coins On Switch Purchases

Nintendo has announced, through the My Nintendo website, that beginning early next month you will be able to begin using gold My Nintendo coins to purchase software through the Nintendo Switch eShop.  The program, which sounds similar to their previous Digital Deluxe promotion on the Wii U, works like this.

Any purchases you make on software through the eShop earns you 5% of the purchase price in gold coins.  Those coins will be banked in your My Nintendo account.  The next time you make a purchase through the eShop or on you can use those coins towards the price of that purchase.

Physical releases also net you gold coins as well.  You can redeem those by pressing the + button on a Nintendo Switch controller while on the Home screen.  There is then an option to redeem those coins and they will be added to your pot of Gold coins as well.

This sounds like a much better solution to using Gold coins and makes them worth more than they have been on the Wii U and the 3DS where they were only good on select purchases made from the My Nintendo website.

Nintendo promises more details are coming and no firm date for the beginning of this program has been given aside from early March.

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