Kickstarter For Chicken Wiggle Workshop Live Today

Jools Watsham and the folks over at Atooi are working on a new game and this time they’re asking for some help to get it made. Chicken Wiggle Workshop is a new project they have on Kickstarter that launched today. This is an HD port of their 3DS platformer that is currently scheduled (according to Kickstarter) to be released sometime in December, though no firm date has been announced as of yet.

Chicken WiggleThe game, on 3DS, featured 50 levels set across eight different worlds. You can read my review of the original release here. In addition to that it came with a fully formed level editor that allowed you to create and share your own levels with other 3DS users online. When I originally reviewed the game I said it was one of the best level editors and featured the best sharing functionality on the 3DS and I’m expecting that same thing to be the case on Switch. According to the developers there are currently more than 1,000 user created levels that you can play. All of those levels will be immediately available upon release for the Switch.

The Kickstarter project, which launched today, is asking for $30,000 in funding and is set to end on April 5th. There are stretch goals should the project reach past the initial funding mark, but those have not been revealed yet, with the developers promising to release those when the funding goal is met.

Chicken Wiggle EnemyBackers of the project can gain a copy of the game upon launch for as little as $10, though there are other funding levels available to choose from. $20 will net you a copy of the game and the digital soundtrack. At $40 you can gain access to a digital artbook in addition to everything else and $80 will get you a signed copy of the art book from the development team. Other funding levels include your created level being added to the main game and a level designer credit as well as a trip (not funded by the developers) to Austin, TX to meet the development team at an official wrap party.

All of the original pixel art in the game is being reworked in HD and it looks fantastic. You can see some examples of the new art assets for the game throughout this post. Grant Kirkhope (of Mario + Rabbids, Banjo Kazooie, and Yooka Laylee fame) worked on one piece of music for the Kickstarter project and a stretch funding goal means he’ll work on a ‘New Music Soundtrack’ for the game.

Chicken Wiggle Level ShareIf you’re interested in checking out the Kickstarter you can find it here. I’m going to be backing this one. We’ll be sure to get you more information about the release as it becomes available.  Now, Jools, when will we get an HD remaster of Mutant Mudds?

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