Video Game X Anime Contest

***UPDATE*** We are extending the deadline another week. We had two people submit entries before the original deadline (so we have two winners already) but we still have more prizes. You now have until end of day on April 13th. Get your submissions in soon! ***END UPDATE***

A couple of us have started playing the game Blue Reflection; a JRPG about magical girls. When Micah first told me about it, he described the game as Persona X Sailor Moon. This got me to thinking about mashing up other video games and anime. That got me to thinking about making this a contest! So here is what we have done.

Below you will find a list of 22 game X anime combinations. We want you to name these games; similar to how Blue Reflection is a combination of Persona and Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon wears blue, Persona deals with reflecting on your own personality). That’s it. Pretty simple, right? You don’t have to come up with a name for every combination, and you can enter more than one title for combinations as well.

We have several prizes to give away (listed below the combinations) and we will award them to the entries we like the most; Tony’s prizes will go towards his favorites, Shannon’s prizes will go towards his favorites, etc. The winners will be announced on the podcast for April 9th, so make sure to send in your submissions before it’s too late. Send your entries to, subject line: Game X Anime Contest.

Here is the list of combinations. Name these fictional games for us!
Super Mario X FLCL
Phantasy Star Online X RWBY
Danganronpa X Love Live! School Idol Project
Dead or Alive X Outlaw Star
Mighty Switch Force! X Full Metal Alchemist
Gravity Rush X Tenchi Muyo!
Yakuza X K-On!
Crash Bandicoot X Neon Genesis Evangelion
Animal Crossing X Lucky Star
Chibi-Robo! X Fairy Tail
Metroid X G Gundam
Mario Party X Kill Me Baby
No More Heroes X Cowboy Bebop
Mario Kart X Trigun
Splatoon X Girls und Panzer
Mega Man X Dragon Ball Z
Elite Beat Agents X Sword Art Online
Kirby X Gurren Lagann
Tekken X Yu Yu Hakusho
WarioWare X Inuyasha
Rhythm Heaven X Gundam Wing
Project Diva X Kill la Kill

Shelby’s Prizes
Link Figma
Gwendolyn Figma

Tony’s Prizes
Flinthook code for Switch
Clustertruck code for Switch

Shannon’s Prizes
Animal Crossing 3DS theme
3-Month Xbox Live Gold code

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