NBA Playgrounds 2 Launching Later This Year

Saber Interactive has announced that they’ll be bringing a sequel to their fast paced, NBA arcade game NBA Playgrounds later this year. The game is NBA Playgrounds 2 and it promises more online and and local game modes as well as a large number of new courts to play on.

Playgrounds Championship will introduce a new ranked league system featuring both solo and co-op division ladders for people around the world. A new single player season will be available that will feel more like a regular basketball experience where you play through a regular season, the playoffs and ultimately win the NBA Championship. For the first time you’ll be able to have four players playing together online through improved match making and dedicated servers. Many of the favorite modes from before return like the three point contest and custom matches.

NBAPlaygrounds2_Screen_2A roster of over 200 players will be available and the developers promise new moves, better AI, and improved player models and animations. It’s no secret that there were a number of issues with the Switch version of the game last year. Many modes didn’t launch from the start, they were often delayed, and it got so bad that the developer had to offer fans another game for free in hopes to bring them back. Once all the issues were ironed out it turned out to be a game I really enjoyed. I hope this release won’t be plagued by those issues and fans will be able to enjoy the game from the start.

NBA Playgrounds 2 doesn’t have a firm launch date yet, but will be out later this year for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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