About Nintendo Okie

Hey everyone.  I just wanted to give you a bit of an idea of what Nintendo Okie is.  The title pretty much gives away that we are based in Oklahoma; Tulsa to be exact.

Nintendo Okie was started in August of 2009 in an effort to bring you all the best news and information from around the world of Nintendo.  You’ll find a ton of news stories, reviews, previews, interviews with developers and more.  We focus mainly on the bigger news stories of the day, but we’ll also bring you some of the fun stuff.

We want to get you involved as well so make sure you comment on everything you see.  Send us stuff you find, stuff you have, pictures, funny stories and more.  We’ll post a lot of it on the site.

We’re here to get you all the information we can.  We’ll pass along screen shots and info sheets from developers, stories from around the world and the internet, our own reviews, hands-on previews of games.  We even get a chance to interview developers from time to time and you can bet those will show up on the site.

Have fun, talk to us, but most important keep coming back.  Tell your friends about us.  We want to build the best community we possibly can and we’ll need your help.

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