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Nintendo Okie is one of the newest gaming sites out on the internet today.  Our main focus is on Nintendo related products, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have other interests.  Do you sell gaming apparel or peripherals that would interest our readers?  Do you sell off the wall products that Nintendo fans would enjoy?  Then we’re the place you need to advertise.  We’re looking for companies who are interested in selling their products to our community.

Nintendo Okie is a young site, but traffic is on the rise.  Currently we receive between 7,000 and 8,000 unique pages views a month, with average daily traffic numbering around 400 visitors per day. shows Nintendo Okie’s users ranging in age from between 25-34 and college educated.  They are young people who haven’t yet started a family, but they are considering it and we have a larger than average number of female readers.  In the period between May and June of 2010 site traffic increased over 1400% and over the three month period of April, May and June of the same year traffic increased by 50% overall.  (Source:

We have multiple places that you can advertise with us on the site and a weekly podcast where you can have your commercial played.  Our podcast is downloaded more than 100 times a month with an average of 1 to 2 new listeners every week. 

So we’re young and we’re small, but we’re growing on a daily basis and we’re looking to help you out as well.  If you’d like to advertise with Nintendo Okie just send an email to to get started.  To make things a little easier here are the pricing options we have available. 

Unit                                                Ad Dimensions    File Size       Cost Per Day

Site Banner Header                      936 x 150                50k                          $15
Site Side Bar                                 150 x 100                40k                          $10
Article Brought to you by
  (50×50 button and a link)            50 x 50                     25k                   $5 per post
Podcast Commercial                  20 second spot          Variable            $30 per play  (up to twice per show)

Trial Periods:  Nintendo Okie will offer a short trial period for any companies interested in looking into this.  Conditions may vary, so contact for further details. 

Outside of trial periods a minimum purchase of $300 is required, payable by check, wire transfer, or Paypal prior to ads running on the site.  This can be any combination of ads/commercials.  We’re a small site, but we’re growing.  We need your help to grow and we want to help you grow as well.

pricing subject to change at any time.

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