Con-soul Searching

Here is where you’ll find all of Shelby’s Con-soul Searching articles.  Read them.  Hopefully they will make you think.

11 Buttons? I Only Have 10 Fingers!

3D E3

A Generation Behind and a Dimension Short

A Quarter for Your Thoughts?

Abbreviation Palette

All Your Games Are Blong To Us

Battle Log

Bringing the Plastic Home

Bugs Can Be Features

But Wait, If You Pre-Order Now…

Call Me, Sailor Writer

Can Wii Play?

Change Boss Hogs

Controlling Our Future

Cutting Off The Top

Dead or Aran?

Difficulty Is Hard

Divide And Conquer

Don’t Con…vention Me

Don’t Stop Believin’

Download By Example

Emulated History Is Not a Crime

Emulator Boy

Familiar Soles

Fight For Survival

Final Fantasy’s Fickle Foundation

Game x Time = Sequel

Games Are Always Greener On The Other Side

The Game Of Tomorrow

GameStop And Start

Go West, Young Man, Go West

Gotta Catch… Most of ‘Em

The Great Divide

The Great White Elephant

High Barrier To Handheld

Home is Where the Heart Used to Be

How To Death Please?

I Gave Them… Rage

I Haven’t Covered Wars

Infinity Wars


Innovation or Preservation?

Is Move Truly Outrageous? Truly?

Is Skin Tight Alright?

Is U The Difference?

It’s A Secret To Everyone

Keep An Honest Man Buying

Kirby Copy Machine

Last But Not Least… Kinda

Left Or Right Handheld?

Life of a Plumber

Look Into The Crystal Kiosk

Lost In FAQslation

Massive Rut Attack

Measure Twice, Save Once

Memory Storage System

A Motion To Triple Dimensions

Multi-payer Modes

Mushroom Kingdom Wasn’t Built In a Day

My Child Is A Nintendo Honor Student

The Next Boxes

Nintendon’t Support Their Peripheral

Obsolete Box

Once Upon A Time, The End

One Year To Make Them All, One Year To Buy Them

Open The F.L.U.D.D. Gates

Opposing The Opposing Force

Origin Stories

Over Handed Helds

Prime Interactivity

Press Enter To Read

Queen Of The Hill

Ready Or Not, Here I Pay

Real Playing Games

Reloading Our Shooters

Remember Me(troid)?

Routes Of Violence

Should Old Release Schedule Be Forgot….

Small Circles

Solid-State Singularity

Sonic’s Boom

“Sorry To Keep You Waiting!”

Soundtrack Derailed

Speak When Spoken To

Stop Region Mocking Me

Take Me Out To The Turtle Shell Game

Technological Growth Spurt

There’s No i In Games

They’re All The Rage

This Ain’t No Game!

Toad’s Worth

To Trade or Not to Trade

To Set Right, What Once Gamed Wrong

U R Mr. Recycle

Video Game Crash 1011001

Violence Is Only One Of The Answers

Waggle 101

What About Mii?

What Are You Looking At, Punk?

What Have You Done For Us Lately, Nintendo?

What Will U Have In The Box?

What’s Old Is Stacking Up Behind Me

What’s Worth Got To Do With It?

When The Handhelds Come Home

Where Do Wii Go from Here?

Where, Oh Where Have My Save Files Gone?

Where we’re Going We Don’t Need Deadlines

Who Reviews The Reviewers?

Wii’s Demote Controller

WOW Woes

Xbox Livid Subscription

You So Crazy, Nintendo

You’re Princess is in Another Store

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