Notes From the Mushroom Kingdom

Notes from the Mushroom Kingdom

Gaz was our resident alien.  You can find all the editorials he wrote for the site below.  If you want something more recent from Gaz, you can find him over at Nintendo Life.

0.3 MegaPixels of Gameplay

20 Years in 3 Generations: A Sonic Retrospective

3D Nightmares

3DS Could Make Wii’s Mistake

3DS Goes Full Circle

3DS is Nintendo’s Stepping Stone

3DS Launch Delay More Than Just ‘Stock’ Issues

3DS Ready To Wow

3DS to Soar at Launch

3DS: One Year On

Achievement Hunter

Another Game?  Any Objections Lady?

Another Game?  Any Objections Lady? Pt 2

Another Game?  Any Objections Lady? Pt 3

Back to the Conference Room

The Bit.Trip of a Lifetime – Pt.1

The Bit.Trip of a Lifetime – Pt.2

Bioware’s E3

Could the eShop be Wii U’s secret weapon?

Day One in the Life of a 3DS Owner

Developers Coming Back Home

Developing a Commentary

Doing Online the Nintendo Way

Don’t Fear The Wii-per

E3 2012: Wii U’s Statement of Intent

eShop Delay a Concern

Evolution of the Pointer

Finishing the Fight

For England James

Game for a Laugh

Gaz’s Game of 2010

The Hero of Wii

Is 6 Inches Too Much?

Is Sonic Generations heading to PC?

Is The Wii Dead?

License to Sell

Mario Couldn’t Have Chosen a Better 25th

Marketing Wii U

Missing PictoChat

My Most Anticipated: Winter 2011

Nintendo take the fight to Sony

Nintendo trip up in there own world?

Nintendo’s Risk Taker

No Mr Bond, I Expect You To Choose

Not Your Father’s Goldeneye

One Last Push for Wii

Rebooting Kid Icarus

Recovery Phase Complete: Game On 3DS!

Retake ME3: Fan entitlement or a genuine complaint?

Return to Isle Delfino

Should Pit have returned on Wii U?

Sonic 4-gotten

Sonic Split

Star Wars Episode VII: The Forgotten Games

Taking the Classics into the Third Dimension

Thank You and Goodbye

This Was A Triumph

To Remake or not to Remake – The Case Against Remakes

To Remake or not to Remake – The Case for Remakes

To Remake or not to Remake: The Community Speaks

Use Advertising Wisely Fox!

What a difference four years make

What makes a Zelda launch so special?

What will Nintendo DLC look like?

Wii all Sing a Swansong in 2011

Wii U and the Great Stock Crash of 2011

The Wind… It Is Blowing…

Wind Waker’s Magical Music

A Year of Fan Service Spoiled?

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