Tony’s Time

Here are all of Tony’s ramblings.  You might enjoy some of these so read them if you haven’t.

2009 Remembered

Advance Wars Doesn’t Need Relationships To Be Successful

All Your QR Codes Are Belong To Us

amiibo Doesn’t Seem That Appealing To Me

The Anti-Anti-Capcom Edition

The Art of Platforming

Assassin’s Creed Is My Favorite Franchise

Buy Heroes of Ruin

A Buying Problem

Can We Stop This Already?

Chronicling the Blade

The Countdown is Drawing to a Close

Creativity in Games

Dedicated High Fives Are Charming

Digital Distribution

Disaster Doesn’t Make for a Fun Experience

Do You Find This Ad Offensive?

Don’t Mess With Hylian Gardeners

Dragon Quest and the Future

Dragon Quest – A Few of My Favorite Moments

The DSi and Why I Don’t Own One

E3 and the 3DS

The Face of Fear Itself

The Family the Games Together, Stays Together

A Few of My Favorite Things

FF VII – Let’s All Calm Down

The First Half Bests

Game Manuals

GameCube 10th Anniversary: Thanks for the Memories

Games I Wanted To Play In 2017, but Didn’t

Games in Education

Games Aren’t All Bad

Gaming on a Budget

Gaming on the Cheap or A la Carte?

Give Paper Mario A Chance

Gun Peripherals Are Fun

Hands On With the DSi XL

How I Rate Reviews

How I Would Build Nintendo Online

In Breath of the Wild It’s All About the Discovery, Not the Icons

Innovation Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

The Internet Is Already Deleting Super Mario Run

Is Nintendo Listening In On My Conversations?

Is Nintendo the New Sega?

It’s An Animal Crossing Experience

It’s Legal, But Is It Right?

I’m Not in the Mood

I’ve Got a Crush on a Developer

Life Without Nintendo

The Loss of Exclusives

Mario + Rabbids: The Game We All Judged, but Shouldn’t Have

Mario Kart 8 Sales Impressive

Meet Nathan

Metroid and Remote Play

Metroid to a Newb

Miiverse and It’s Impact on Players

Monster Hunter Trader

Monster Hunter Tri – A Response

My Dream April Fools’ Day Scenario

My DSi Wish List

My Favorite Mario Kart Tracks

My First Day With the 3DS

My Flip Flop About Halo

My Least Favorite Mario Kart Tracks

My Nintendo Coins – Nintendo’s Best Achievement System

My Three Year Old, Pokemon, and Me

NBA Jam and Exclusives

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Nintendo and the Core Market

Nintendo Does Online

Nintendo Leads Revolutions

The One That’s Not About Video Games

The One Where I Talk About Analysts

The One Where I’m a Hypocrite

Thanks for 2011

Tekken Blood Vengeance and 3D Movies

Top 5 Characters That Need Their Own Game

The Tyranny of Misleading Headlines

Peripherals Aren’t Useless

Pikmin 3 – No Online, No Problem

Pile of Shame

A Pistol In One Hand, A Katana In the Other

Reactions to Microsoft at E3

Reaction To Nintendo’s 2015 E3 Digital Event

Remembering Mega Man

The Resiliancy of Nintendo

Scouting Video Games

Should We Worry About Wii U Online?

A Slime Draws Near

A Small Annoyance

Switch Isn’t Being Rushed to Market, It’s in Beta

Ten Characters I Want in Smash Bros.

There’s Something Magical About Minish Cap

Third-Party Smashers

Tony’s Time and the California Game Law

Tony’s Time and the Wii Shop Channel

TV Shows That Need Games

The Uprising

The Vacation Edition

Video Game Controllers

What About New Play Control?

What a Difference a Generation Makes

What Fate Has Befallen Dragon Quest X?

When the Unthinkable Becomes Thinkable

When You’re Wrong About a Franchise

Where, Oh Where Are My Classic Games?

Why Do I Play Games?

Why I Will Carry My 3DS With Me

Why Multi-Console Gaming is Good

Wii U and the 3DS Player

Wii U and the Controller Potential

Wii U – Is It or Isn’t It?

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