Nintendo Selects Receives Four New Games!

Aug. 16, 2011 Consumers and their families soon will be able to experience even more must-play games for theWii™ system at an excellent value. Nintendo has announced the addition of four games to theNintendo® Selects collection, a hot-selling series of fun, family-friendly Wii games offered at a suggested retail price of $19.99 each. Starting Aug. 28, the Nintendo Selects lineup grows to include Super Paper Mario™, Mario Strikers™ Charged, Punch-Out!!™ and Super … Continue reading Nintendo Selects Receives Four New Games!

NPD Data for May 2011

The NPD video game hardware and software sales data for May was released(or leaked) yesterday.  The “Top 10” software sales for May are listed below: 01.  L.A. Noire (360, PS3) Take 2 Interactive – 899K 02.  Brink (360, PS3, PC) Bethesda Softworks 03.  Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (Wii, 360, NDS, PS3, 3DS, PSP, PC) Disney Interactive Studios 04.  Portal 2 (360, … Continue reading NPD Data for May 2011

Official Wii U Specs from Nintendo *Updated 6/8/11*

Launches:  2012 Size:  Approximately 1.8 inches tall, 6.8 inches wide and 10.5 inches long. New Controller:  The new controller incorporates a 6.2-inch, 16:9 touch screen and traditional button controls, including two analog Circle Pads. This combination removes the traditional barriers between games, players and the TV by creating a second window into the video game world. The rechargeable controller includes a Power button, Home button, … Continue reading Official Wii U Specs from Nintendo *Updated 6/8/11*

Nintendo Download: Week of June 6th

New Game Downloads Invite You to Walk Tall and Sleep Tight

Sometimes ordinary actions can lead you to extraordinary places. Case in point: this week’s lineup of new downloadable games for the Wii and Nintendo DSi systems. In GO Series Picdun, a dungeon-themed RPG for the Nintendo DSiWare service, the simple act of walking can help you to solve scores of rich hidden-picture puzzles. InDreamwalker, your goal is just to get a good night’s sleep by overcoming a flurry of disruptive challenges. Browse hundreds of games available for instant download via the WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare services and discover just how easy it is to go from zero to maximum gaming fun. Continue reading “Nintendo Download: Week of June 6th”

Nintendo Download: Week of May 16th

Get Tangled in Time or Angle for a Big Catch with the Latest Game Downloads

Ready to switch up your routine – or even your century? With the arrival of the Super NES favorite CHRONO TRIGGER® on the Virtual Console service, Wii owners can liven up their living rooms with a classic time-twisting adventure. For the Nintendo DSiWare service, Big Bass Arcade invites players to cast away boredom by casting a line in search of mighty fish, while Word Searcher 3 offers fresh puzzle-solving challenges that can be enjoyed anywhere. Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix for the WiiWare service sets monster-themed fun to an irresistible beat. Delightful deviation from the norm is just a download away.

Continue reading “Nintendo Download: Week of May 16th”

Nintendo 3DS eShop Release Delayed

If you purchased a Nintendo 3DS, you may be one of the few(million) people that have been waiting patiently for Nintendo to provide the system update this month, to gain access to the eShop and Internet Browser… Well, Nintendo of Japan has just announced that the eShop and Internet Browser update will not be available/happen now until June 7.  What else is June 7? Yea, … Continue reading Nintendo 3DS eShop Release Delayed

Nintendo Download: Week of May 7th

At Home or On the Go, Space is the Place for Downloadable Adventure Whether you’re roaming the city or camped out in the comfort of your living room, this week’s new downloadable games invite you to virtually venture toward outer space for some wild intergalactic action. Mighty Milky Way for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service sends players on a planet-hopping mission filled with intrigue and adventure. … Continue reading Nintendo Download: Week of May 7th

Nintendo Download: Week of May 2nd

ACTION IN FULL BLOOM WITH NEW GAME DOWNLOADS FOR NINTENDO SYSTEMS May 2, 2011 Spring flowers aren’t the only new arrivals you’ll want to savor as May gets underway. The latest downloadable games for the Wii™ and Nintendo DSi™ systems include action-packed fare that’s sure to keep your adrenaline pumping. For the WiiWare™ service, a new demo version of BIT.TRIP RUNNER invites players to discover … Continue reading Nintendo Download: Week of May 2nd

Nintendo Download: Week of April 18

Mega Man X Marks the Spot for Nintendo’s Latest Downloadable Game Lineup Originally released in 1994 for the Super NES™ console, Mega Man™ X is widely recognized as a classic of the 16-bit gaming era. Starting this week, Wii™ owners can discover – or rediscover – the game’s timeless platforming fun via the Virtual Console™ service. For a different brand of retro-styled action with a contemporary twist, players can also try out … Continue reading Nintendo Download: Week of April 18