Snipperclips Confirmed As Switch Launch Title

Nintendo has confirmed that Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!, a title that was first shown off during their January reveal of the system will be available for download on launch day, March 3rd. The game was previously just announced as a March release. You’ll be able to get your hands on the game for $19.99 from the eShop. It will include three main game … Continue reading Snipperclips Confirmed As Switch Launch Title


Battle Princess Madelyn Brings Old School Arcade Charm to Consoles

The very first thing I said when I saw the trailer for this upcoming game was, ‘that looks a lot like Ghost ‘n’ Goblins’. Then I read the press release and it says ‘Mirroring such classics as Ghouls N’ Ghosts and Wonder Boy 3…’. I was dead on. I really like the look of this game. It’s called Battle Princess Madelyn and it’s being developed … Continue reading Battle Princess Madelyn Brings Old School Arcade Charm to Consoles


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Review (3DS)

The Yoshi’s Island series has always been one of my favorite platforming series. They give you a completely different feel for a platformer than Nintendo’s more famous plumber does. The games always encouraged exploration and precision to me more than Mario games did. I also really liked Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The game was beautiful on the Wii. When I heard that Yoshi’s Island and Kirby’s Epic Yarn were getting together in the form of Yoshi’s Woolly World I was excited. That game was also really, really good. Now we’re getting the chance to take that game with us wherever we go in a 3DS port of the game. That game is also really, really good.

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Breath of the Wild DLC Announced

Nintendo has been slowly releasing more and more details about the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Today they’ve announced even more content is coming to the game post release in the form of two different sets of DLC. These two packs can be purchased as one bundle beginning on launch day. It will cost $19.99 for both packs together. … Continue reading Breath of the Wild DLC Announced


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Review (3DS)

There are few franchises that cause me to clear my calendar of every other video game I’m playing than Dragon Quest. January was a very busy month for game releases (thanks, Sega), but I knew I had to have time to devote all my attention to Dragon Quest VIII, and I did. For good reason. The game is fantastic.

In the game you play as a nameless Hero (that you get to give a name) who is a member of the Royal Guard for King Trode. The King and his daughter have been cursed by a jester named Dhoulmagus and turned into a troll and a horse respectively. You accompany the king, along with a friend named Yangus, to discover the whereabouts of Dhoulmagus, defeat him and lift the curse on the king.

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Kirby Triple Deluxe

Two New Games Joining Nintendo Selects

Nintendo has announced that two new games will be joining the Nintendo Selects line of software. Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will both be available for the new, reduced price of $19.99 beginning in mid February. They join around a dozen other games on the 3DS that are available for the same price. Some of those titles include Yoshi’s New Island, … Continue reading Two New Games Joining Nintendo Selects


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Demo Shows Off Solid Port

The 3DS has steadily been receiving its share of games that were originally featured on the Wii U. Games like Hyrule Warriors, Rhythm Heaven, Xenoblade Chronicles and Super Mario Maker are showing the system is capable of handling the same experiences as its bigger brother. The next game to get that treatment will be released on February 3rd in the form of Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Nintendo released a demo of the game yesterday that gives you access to two of the game’s early levels. While they’re not pixel perfect remakes of the previous game they do show off that the port is very faithful to the original while making changes and adjustments where needed.

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Details Emerge For Fire Emblem Mobile Game

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I first heard that Nintendo was going to be making a Fire Emblem game on mobile devices. It seemed, to me, of all of Nintendo’s properties one of the ones best suited for the touch style interface of modern smart devices. The game is controlled by menus and grids. No need for twitch controls … Continue reading Details Emerge For Fire Emblem Mobile Game


Yakuza 0 Review (PS4)

Yakuza. It’s a series I’d never gotten into, but is well loved with other staffers here at Nintendo Okie. You can’t go a few weeks without someone talking about it and for good reason. Yakuza 0 is the most recent game in the series and if you’ve never explored the streets of Japan as a heavily tattooed man who commits crime, but is ultimately a good person then now is the best time to do so.

Yakuza 0 tells the story of two different members of the Japanese yakuza, Kiryu Kazuma and Majima Goro. At the beginning of this game Kiryu is framed for a murder that he didn’t commit. Ultimately he’s kicked out of the family and tries to redeem himself and prove his innocence at the same time. Majima is a cabaret owner who was exiled for not following orders years earlier. He too is looking to better his name. These two men’s stories will intertwine with each other at different points.

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