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7th Dragon III Code: VFD Review (3DS)

It’s a rare thing to be three or four entries deep into a video game series before finally getting one released in a new territory, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Sega’s most recent RPG release 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. This game, despite being titled the third in the series is actually the fourth game to be released, and the first outside of Japan. It takes place in the near future in a world where the return of dragons has more or less forced humanity into hiding.

Story wise, there’s not a lot going on here that’s just going to be something you could call a classic. The world is nearing its end. Humanity has been nearly destroyed and it’s up to a small band of heroes to rally, save the day and rid humanity of the dragon plague. It’s good enough to keep you going, but I didn’t find anything that was overly compelling or something I’d remember for years to come. You start the game going into a virtual reality video game called 7th Encount. What you don’t know is that the game is being used as a recruiting tool by the game’s developer, Nodens Corporation, to pick a team of people they think are capable of taking down the impending dragon invasion. Nodens Corp gets tangled up with a group from the ISDF (International Self-Defense Force) who are also trying to fight the dragons. From there it has a few twists and turns, some of them pretty radical twists.

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Interview: Ole Ivar Rudi (Rain Games) – World to the West

Rain Games most recent release was Teslagrad, a fun little game that had you manipulating magnets and magnetic fields to solve puzzles and fight bosses.  Their next release is called World to the West. It takes place in the same universe as that previous game, but it’s very different in feel from its predecessor.

Ole Ivar Rudi, the Art Director for Rain Games took a few minutes to sit down and talk to us about Teslagrad, World to the West and everything going on with Rain Games right now.

Thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Rain Games for people who may not be familiar with you?

My pleasure! I’m Ole(twitter:@oleivarrudi), the art director for Rain, a small game development company on the west coast of Norway. Our previous game,Teslagrad, is a visual fairytale about magnet superpowers in the form of a hand painted exploration platformer, told entirely without dialogue.

We’re currently making its followup, World to The West- a sprawling top down action adventure with for unique playable characters, set in and around the ruins of an ancient civilization. It takes place in the same world as Teslagrad, but on another continent, and a few faces and story details will be recognizable to those that played the previous game.

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 320

Shelby is out this week, but the rest of the crew steps up to talk Tokyo Mirage Sessions. They touch on some of the controversy surrounding the game. Ethan’s still been playing FF XIV for the last six years. Shannon gets his groove on and Micah takes a trip to a galaxy far, far away. Want to find out what else they talk about? You’re just going to have to listen.

Episode 320
Hosts: Tony, Micah, Shannon, Ethan
Run Time:

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Monster Hunter Generations Demo Finally Gets It Right

Monster Hunter Generations Logo

Over the years my level of interest in the Monster Hunter series has grown from indifference to a sort of dislike, to a respect and finally to a genuine love of the series. It’s one of those franchises that I absolutely love and look forward to new releases each time they’re announced. The one thing I’ve not really liked about the series is the way it demos and the demos that Capcom has put out.

If you don’t know anything about the Monster Hunter series then the demos that have been available do absolutely nothing to show you what the series is all about. There is so much depth and so much to do in these games that it’s almost impossible to really convey in a short, limited demo. Capcom has more or less just said, here are all the weapons and here are all the monsters. Pick the weapon you want to fight with and the monster you want to slay and have fun. You get a basic idea of the mechanics, but no real feel for just what the series is or what you can do in the games.

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Nintendo Download: Week of June 30th

Lego Star Wars

This week’s Nintendo download is really, pretty good.  We’ve got the newest LEGO Star Wars game.  The sequel to one of Nintendo’s most interesting rcent puzzle releases in BOXBOY!, and the Virtual console gets one of the best RPGs that Square ever made.  You’re going to have to head past the break to see what everything is.

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7th Dragon III Code: VFD Demo Now Available

7th Dragon III

Sega has dropped a demo for their newest RPG in the eShop today. It’s called 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. The game is a dungeon crawling RPG in the vein of games like Etrian Odyssey and you get to fight dragons. You get to create and choose your own party members and make them fit to your style of play.

If you play the demo you can transfer your save data over to the main game. The characters in the demo are set and their levels are capped at 10, but any gear, skill points and so on can be transferred to new unique characters in the main game. You’ll also get “rewarded” for playing the demo and transferring your content, but Sega isn’t spilling the beans on just what that means.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD will be available on the 3DS beginning July 12 and will retail for $39.99. If you want more information about the game head on over to the game’s official page:

Give Paper Mario A Chance

The next entry in the Paper Mario series is making it’s triumphant return to consoles later this year. If you’ve been on social media of any kinda and are a fan of this series you’ve probably seen a lot of back and forth discussion about the game. Some people are excited for it, others are already tossing hatred out there for it. As someone who’d played every Mario RPG game out there from Super Mario RPG on the SNES to Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam on the 3DSI have my opinions. I’ve not hidden the fact that I don’t really like the way the series has been headed and I’m mostly skeptical of Color Splash, but I’m going to give it a try, like I have with every game in both the main Mario RPG series’.

My love for these games started back on the GameCube. I got Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door very shortly after it launched and I couldn’t stop playing it. Everything about that game was incredible to me. The visuals were solid. Everything had that nice, flat paper look, but the way things were laid out it also had a lot of depth to what was happening on screen. The writing was funny. Every character on the screen was memorable. It didn’t matter if you were wrestling Rawk Hawk in the arena, herding Punis around the Great Boggly Tree or reading Luigi’s side adventure that happens at the same time it was all entertaining. None of it felt out of place or unnecessary. It was and is still one of my favorite games of all time to be released on the GameCube.

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