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Nintendo Announces the #Nindies Summer Jam

Nindies Summer Jam.jpg

Nintendo is putting the spotlight, once again, on the independent developer. They’ve announce the Nindies Summer Jam, which will take place all throughout the month of September. Each week a new game will be featured in the eShop and for the first week of their launch they’ll all be 10% off. After that they’ll go up to their regular price. Head past the break for the full release schedule and a description of each of the games that will be available during the promotion.

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Nintendo Download – Week of August 25th

Super Mario 64 DS.jpg

This week’s Nintendo downloads are highlighted by the relase of a few Street Fighter games for the Virtual Console.  Phoenix Wright’s next court case gets a demo version on the 3DS, and the DS version of Super Mario 64 heads to the Wii U.  If you haven’t played Rhythm Thief on the 3DS yet, it’s only $5 this week.  No excuses now.

Head past the break for the full list of games that will be available.

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Dragon Quest – A Few Of My Favorite Monsters

Enemies. No good RPG would be complete without them. You fight hundres, if not thousands, of them over the course of the 40-100+ hours you spend in these worlds. Some games give you very unique enemies to fight and the Dragon Quest series is no exception. From slimes to knights to dragons there are so many different monsters this series has seen. Some of them have been very memorable. Some have become icons of the series. Some you see once and never see again.

Here are a few of my favorite enemies that I’ve fought over the years. These will be every day, normal enemies not bosses. Those could be covered in another article.

Slime.jpgSlime – Did anyone expect there to be a list of enemies that didn’t include the slime? It is the most famous enemy in the Dragon Quest series. It is, as a result of its popularity the mascot for the series. You can more or less guarantee that the first enemy you’re going to come across when you turn on a Dragon Quest game is one of these little guys. There are so many different kinds to choose from too. You have your standard blue or red, which are a little tougher. You have the ones that goblins have hopped on top of to create a Slime Knight. You’ve got the pesky little silver metal ones that are a bugger to kill, but if you do you’re richly rewarded. Without a doubt the slime is the most abundant and most popular enemy in the Dragon Quest universe.

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King of Fighters XIV Review (PS4)

King of Fighters XIV is my first foray into the franchise.  Previous to this I’ve spent a lot of time with Street Fighter and other game such as Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Brutal: Paws of Fury or Smash Brothers.  Outside of that my knowledge of fighting games is pretty limited.  I don’t consider a match here or there in games to really constitute experience with those franchises.  Sometimes it’s good to get the opinion of someone new to a series because, while they can’t tell you the intricacies of everything that franchise offers they can tell you just how accessible a game is to new players, something all fighting games need to keep their communities growing.

I’ve been playing fighting games since the days of the original Street Fighter (or Fighting Street) in the arcade.  I found my time with King of Fighters to be very enjoyable.  I played the game entirely using a controller as I do not own a fighting stick for the PS4.  You could definitely call me a casual fighting game fan, but from what I experienced I think anyone, casual or veteran alike, is going to enjoy the most recent entry into the series.

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Dragon Quest – A Few of My Favorite Moments

The Dragon Quest series was and is one of my favorite video game series of all-time. I could do into quite a bit of detail about why and what it is that I continue to love about the franchise. Today, however, I’m just going to take a look at some of the moments in games, or things that occur around them that are some of my favorite things. Some of them will be direct moments that happened, some will be based on the mechanics of the series. All of them were good in their own way, even if the actual event that occurred caused feelings of sadness in me.

Here are six of my favorite moments in the history of the Dragon Quest franchise, in no particular order. (As I’m writing this the overworld music for the first game is rolling through my brain.)

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Journey to Kreisia Review (3DS)

I’ve found myself playing a lot of handheld RPGs over the last few months, especially from a company called Kemco. They’ve been around for a very long time. Recently they’ve been dealing mostly with mobile platforms, but they’ve been slowly releasing those games to Wii U and 3DS. The most recent game is called Journey to Kreisia. It was originally released for mobile platforms back in 2014, but was very recently released for 3DS.

The game stars Yusis, a junior in high school who, through the power of a priestess, is transported to the realm of Kreisia. Every 10 years this world is ravaged by an overlord who seeks to take control of everyone. Everytime he shows back up a new “Savior” is summoned from another world to defeat him. Yusis, Cynthia (the priestess who summoned him), and two others take it upon themselves to rid the world of the Overlord and make Kreisia safe for another 10 years. Throughout the game the characters have to deal with issues of prejudice and racism as they fight to overcome the Overlord.

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7th Dragon III Code: VFD Review (3DS)

It’s a rare thing to be three or four entries deep into a video game series before finally getting one released in a new territory, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Sega’s most recent RPG release 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. This game, despite being titled the third in the series is actually the fourth game to be released, and the first outside of Japan. It takes place in the near future in a world where the return of dragons has more or less forced humanity into hiding.

Story wise, there’s not a lot going on here that’s just going to be something you could call a classic. The world is nearing its end. Humanity has been nearly destroyed and it’s up to a small band of heroes to rally, save the day and rid humanity of the dragon plague. It’s good enough to keep you going, but I didn’t find anything that was overly compelling or something I’d remember for years to come. You start the game going into a virtual reality video game called 7th Encount. What you don’t know is that the game is being used as a recruiting tool by the game’s developer, Nodens Corporation, to pick a team of people they think are capable of taking down the impending dragon invasion. Nodens Corp gets tangled up with a group from the ISDF (International Self-Defense Force) who are also trying to fight the dragons. From there it has a few twists and turns, some of them pretty radical twists.

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