Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 380

This week Micah returns to talk Yakuza.  Shelby nearly breaks down at the chance to play a new Metroid game.  Ethan rides some monsters.  Tony travels a path with an octopus?  The podcast is here.  You can listen to it now. Episode 380 Hosts: Tony, Shelby, Micah, Ethan Run Time: 2:02 You can find us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.  All the social media places we … Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 380

Atlus Announces Details for Radiant History Launch Edition

Radiant Historia first debuted on the DS back in 2011. Next year Atlus is bringing an enhanced, extended port of the game to the 3DS in the form of Radiant History: Perfect Chronology. Player who pick up a copy of the game on launch day can grab some goodies in the Launch Edition of the game. It features an art book and a decal set … Continue reading Atlus Announces Details for Radiant History Launch Edition

Demo Impressions: Project Octopath Traveler (Switch)

Demos can be a scary thing for developers to release. They can make or break many people’s opinions on the game. Square has done some interesting things with demos regarding some of their recent RPGs like the Bravely Default demo which felt like a completely separate adventure set in that world with those characters. It gave you a taste of the game, but left you wanting more. After yesterday’s Nintendo Direct the company released a demo for their upcoming Switch project currently titled Project Octopath Traveler. Never before has a demo sold me on a game more than this one did.

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Beautiful Shooter Sine Mora Launches on Switch Soon

Sine Mora is a beautiful game, where the developers say time matters. The extended version of the game, called Sine Mora EX, will launch on Switch beginning on September 26th. It will release in the rest of the world on October 10th.  The game is currently listed at $29.99 at Target, but on Amazon it’s showing as $19.99. The game features include: 16:9 Aspect ratio … Continue reading Beautiful Shooter Sine Mora Launches on Switch Soon

RBI Baseball ’17 Review (Switch)

The list of baseball games I’ve played in my life includes dozens of titles. From the days of the NES until now I take the time every year to play games featuring my favorite sport of all time. Homerun on the Atari 2600, Little League Baseball, RBI Baseball, Hardball III, Tony LaRussa Baseball, The Show, the list goes on and on. As sim games increase in popularity it’s nice to see some franchises sticking to the arcade roots of the sport from years past. I don’t feel one way or another is right or better. They really come down to personal preferences. RBI Baseball ‘17 looks to recapture the feeling many people had playing the series back on the days of the NES, but with an up to date look.

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PowerA Releasing Mario & Zelda Themed Controllers For Switch

One of the biggest complaints that many people have about Switch controllers right now is the cost. To get a new Pro Controller would set you back $69.99 and a new complete set of Joy-con controllers would set you back $79.99. Accessory manufacturer PowerA may have a solution for people looking for something on a smaller budget. Beginning on October 23rd they’ll be releasing two … Continue reading PowerA Releasing Mario & Zelda Themed Controllers For Switch

Lichtspeer Comes to Switch Today

“Fight for glory and the amusement of the almighty gods by surving with style, expanding their powers, and defeating the weirdest enemies you ever heard of, including Wurst Zombies, Hipster Ice Giants and Skater Walruses.” That’s the description for Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition, which makes its debut on Switch today.  This release includes a new save system, major tweaks to the original game difficulty level and tons … Continue reading Lichtspeer Comes to Switch Today

Get Ready For Life on the Farm This November

I always get ridiculously excited about the release of a new farming simulator game.  I love growing things, working in the dirt, and seeing the things that I grow in my yard end up on my table.  One of the dreams my wife and I have is being able to have land where we can grow lots of different things and raise a few animals. … Continue reading Get Ready For Life on the Farm This November