WaterField Switch CitySlicker Pre-Orders Open Tonight!

You guys remember a short while back where I showed off my awesome WaterField 3DS cases and told you they were looking for input on some upcoming Switch designs, right? If not, click here for that story and then get excited as the design looks to be final for the Switch CitySlicker Case! What’s better you ask? Well, pre-orders are going live tonight at 6pm PST! … Continue reading WaterField Switch CitySlicker Pre-Orders Open Tonight!

WaterField Is Taking Input On Switch Cases!

WaterField is making not one, not two but three different cases for the Nintendo Switch and I’m pumped because they’re taking input from their customers on how to design them! For those of you who haven’t heard about WaterField, they’re a San Francisco based company that makes durable, high-quality bags, cases, sleeves and other accessories for all types of tech. I personally own two of … Continue reading WaterField Is Taking Input On Switch Cases!

2016 Year In Review – Shannon’s Top 10 Games

As we sit in the final week of the year, it’s time to look back and reflect on everything I’ve put my hands on throughout 2016. There’s quite a mixture of things to run down in my list and at least one good suggestion for any reader out there. Sit back, relax and judge me as I run down my top 10 games played in 2016. … Continue reading 2016 Year In Review – Shannon’s Top 10 Games

Shannon’s Top 10 Games of 2015

2015 has been a year filled with new things for me and my family. I got a new job that has allowed me to spend more time at home and subsequently more time playing games. I also picked up a PS4 which is new as I’ve always waited till a system was “on it’s way out” to pick it up on the cheap and have an extensive library of games to play. As the year has drawn to a close and I’ve spent weeks thinking over the good times, you are about to read the list of the best times. These are my top ten games of two thousand fifteen.

10. Guitar Hero Live (PS4)

Before 2015, I hadn’t played a Guitar Hero game since Guitar Hero 2 on my PS2. I was a late adopter of the PS3 and plastic instrument games were on their way out of the market. Guitar Hero Live has been a great surprise to me though by adding a new button layout and old school MTV like service that keeps me interested every time I pick up the new guitar.

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Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Review (3DS)

Following the brilliant success of the Project Diva games that have been released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Hatsune Miku finally comes to the west on a system outside of the Sony family in Project Mirai DX. With over 40 tracks and TONS of things to do, there’s not a moment you’ll be bored in this game! Continue reading “Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Review (3DS)”

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review (3DS)


Now I love me some strategy games, Disgaea, Tactics Ogre, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and many others, so when Tony came to me with a review code for Etrian Mystery Dungeon, I was excited to experience a fresh take on this style of game. Having never played an Etrian Odyssey or Mystery Dungeon game, I walked into this with very little idea of what to expect.

What You Need To Know

EMD is a collaboration title using the gameplay style of Spike Chunsoft’s Mystery Dungeon games with a coat of Etrian Odyssey paint to brighten things up. The game starts off by having you create a character and a guild for exploring the mysteriously changing dungeons around the town of Aslarga. The town serves as a strictly menu based point of operation for your guild where you can visit the inn, buy weapons, items and food, recruit new guild members, and speak to NPCs with the ultimate goal of preparing to leave town and explore the dungeons.

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