Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Details

Fire Emblem Warriors launches for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS on October 20th.  The game, for anyone that doesn’t know, is similar to Hyrule Warriors, which was available for 3DS and Wii U.  Today Nintendo announced what the DLC packs for the game will look like. More information about each DLC pack will be announced later.  You can pick up the full Season Pass for … Continue reading Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Details

Minecraft Review (New 3DS)

Minecraft is out on just about every platform imaginable at this point. If it’s got a screen or can connect to one there’s a good chance there’s a version of Minecraft for it. The one exception to that was the 3DS. There are a number of clones, but a proper Minecraft experience just wasn’t available. That is until now. New Nintendo 3DS owners now have a version of Minecraft all their own. How does this experience stack up to the other versions that are out there?

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Atlus Announces Details for Radiant History Launch Edition

Radiant Historia first debuted on the DS back in 2011. Next year Atlus is bringing an enhanced, extended port of the game to the 3DS in the form of Radiant History: Perfect Chronology. Player who pick up a copy of the game on launch day can grab some goodies in the Launch Edition of the game. It features an art book and a decal set … Continue reading Atlus Announces Details for Radiant History Launch Edition

Chicken Wiggle Review (3DS)

The development team over at Atooi is maybe best known recently for their hard as nails platformer Mutant Mudds and it’s sequel Mutant Mudds: I’m Going To Kill You In Every Way Imaginable, aka Mutant Mudds Super Challenge. It’s given rise to the term that I use to compare games to, Mutant Mudds hard. If a game is that hard you know it’s going to take a long time to beat. Let me ease your mind some now and say that the company’s most recent platformer Chicken Wiggle is nowhere near Mutant Mudds hard. It is challenging at times, but not pull your hair out and scream at the screen hard.

Chicken Wiggle stars two unlikely friends, a chicken and a worm named Wiggle. The two jump, flap and whip across 50 levels set in eight different themed worlds. As you go along new enemies and mechanics are introduced to up the challenge in a nicely graded slope that never has crazy difficulty spikes. From beginning to end you feel the challenge ramp up nicely, with what I think were actually a few lulls in difficulty along the way rather than the previously mentioned spikes. It’s good. It’s really fun, and it’s adorably cute.

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Nintendo Download: Week of July 6th

It’s Kirby day in the eShop.  Also, a few new titles for the Switch and even a new old school style RPG on Wii U. Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS Kirby’s Blowout Blast – Kirby is ready for action in a whole different dimension – the third dimension! Have a blast inhaling foes and blowing them away in 3D environments across 25+ stages. Inhale enough enemies … Continue reading Nintendo Download: Week of July 6th

Nintendo Announces New Pokemon Games Coming This Year

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct presentation this morning focused specifically on the Pokemon franchise. You can view the entire presentation at the end of this post. During the video they announced three new sets of titles coming to their consoles later this year. The first game announced is a port of the arcade/Wii U fighting game Pokken Tournament, this one titled Pokken Tournament DX. The … Continue reading Nintendo Announces New Pokemon Games Coming This Year

Nintendo Details Upcoming Fire Emblem DLC

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia comes out very soon, May 19th to be exact.  Today Nintendo announced all of the DLC that will be available for the game.  Five different content packs in all will be available, as well as a season pass that will allow you to get a 30% discount on everything.  The full list of DLC that will be available looks … Continue reading Nintendo Details Upcoming Fire Emblem DLC