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Escape The Virus Coming to DSiWare

Polish Studio, Teyon, is working on several games that are going to be hitting Nintendo’s portable platforms soon.  The first is a DSiWare game called Escape the Virus: Shoot’Em Up! which will be hitting the DSiWare on August 28th for 200 points or $1.99 through the 3DS eShop.  The […]

Euro News Round-Up: Week Ending 23/06

After a lacklustre E3, we’ve been waiting for a big news reveal, and here it is! This week’s Nintendo Direct had individual presentations across all 3 of Nintendo’s major territories, and Europe got its fair share of big news, with some exclusives thrown in! It’s a big Round-Up […]

Euro News Round-Up: Week Ending 19/05

If you’re anything like me then Yoshi is your favourite Nintendo character ever. What’s better than standard green Yoshi in Mario Tennis Open? How about a herd of different coloured Yoshis? Well that’s what will be available soon in a Nintendo UK promotion called Yoshi Chase! Read on […]