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Monster Hunter Generations Demo Finally Gets It Right

Monster Hunter Generations Logo

Over the years my level of interest in the Monster Hunter series has grown from indifference to a sort of dislike, to a respect and finally to a genuine love of the series. It’s one of those franchises that I absolutely love and look forward to new releases each time they’re announced. The one thing I’ve not really liked about the series is the way it demos and the demos that Capcom has put out.

If you don’t know anything about the Monster Hunter series then the demos that have been available do absolutely nothing to show you what the series is all about. There is so much depth and so much to do in these games that it’s almost impossible to really convey in a short, limited demo. Capcom has more or less just said, here are all the weapons and here are all the monsters. Pick the weapon you want to fight with and the monster you want to slay and have fun. You get a basic idea of the mechanics, but no real feel for just what the series is or what you can do in the games.

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Give Paper Mario A Chance

The next entry in the Paper Mario series is making it’s triumphant return to consoles later this year. If you’ve been on social media of any kinda and are a fan of this series you’ve probably seen a lot of back and forth discussion about the game. Some people are excited for it, others are already tossing hatred out there for it. As someone who’d played every Mario RPG game out there from Super Mario RPG on the SNES to Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam on the 3DSI have my opinions. I’ve not hidden the fact that I don’t really like the way the series has been headed and I’m mostly skeptical of Color Splash, but I’m going to give it a try, like I have with every game in both the main Mario RPG series’.

My love for these games started back on the GameCube. I got Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door very shortly after it launched and I couldn’t stop playing it. Everything about that game was incredible to me. The visuals were solid. Everything had that nice, flat paper look, but the way things were laid out it also had a lot of depth to what was happening on screen. The writing was funny. Every character on the screen was memorable. It didn’t matter if you were wrestling Rawk Hawk in the arena, herding Punis around the Great Boggly Tree or reading Luigi’s side adventure that happens at the same time it was all entertaining. None of it felt out of place or unnecessary. It was and is still one of my favorite games of all time to be released on the GameCube.

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The New God of War Looks Very Different

god of War Kratos

Sony showed off the first footage of a new God of War game at their press conference yesterday. I’ve been a fan of the series since the beginning and I must say I’m very excited about what I’m seeing from the first bits of footage.

The series appears, at least from the few glimpses we’ve seen of it, to have grown up and matured a little bit. The game play looks far different from what we’re used to seeing in this series. Gone are the long camera angles and incredibly fast paced action. The series thrived on button combos to deal out brutal damage. This game appears to be a much more slower paced affair. In conversations with some of the other staff during the stream I called it something along the lines of Shadow of Mordor. Others said it looked more like Last of Us, or even Dark Souls. All of those are apt descriptions. The one thing it didn’t look like was God of War. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Kratos’ adventures more or less set the bar for the action game over the last few years, but the series was in need of a change. Slowing the pace, especially for an older version of Kratos, could be a very good thing. The first bits of action they showed off looked very promising.

I do, however, after watching that footage have a number of questions.

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What the NintendPals and Pals Have Been Playing – 30/04/16

Tony has been going old school this week, James is playing a mixture of epic and ridiculous games and Myles is pleasantly surprised…

Tony Miller – Editor in Chief of Nintendo-Okie
Working my way through a couple of old school style RPGs.  Asdivine Hearts on Wii U reminds me very much of SNES games like Final Fantasy IV or something like Golden Sun on GBA.  The game is a top down RPG featuring a menu based battle system.  Mix in a stereotypical spiky haired protagonist, a couple of female fighters and healers and a deity who’s gotten trapped inside the body of a cat and you’ve got a recipe for unique dialogue.  The battle system itself shows you the turn order for your party and enemy fighters.  Continue reading What the NintendPals and Pals Have Been Playing – 30/04/16

What the NintendPals and Pals Have Been Playing – 23/04/16

Time for another edition of of what the NintendPals and Pals Have been Playing. This week James starts an epic journey, Dave plays something brand new and Myles plays something bad…

James Haden – NintendPals YouTube Contributors
So I started on a new game this week; well I call it new but it’s actually the first game I had on the PS4; The Uncharted Collection…

So far I’m on the first game; and it’s already a masterpiece! I have played Tomb Raider from back in the 90’s; a staple of the next gen console back in the day, and Uncharted 1 reflects the same gripping formula from back in that day! Think of this as the next gen Tomb Raider and you can’t go far wrong… The story is believable and next gen graphics allow the story to be told like a motion picture.

I’ve only had about an hour or so gameplay time but already I’m looking forward to this series of games Continue reading What the NintendPals and Pals Have Been Playing – 23/04/16

What the NintendPals & Pals Have Been Playing – 16/04/16

James Haden – NintendPals Youtube Contributor

This week I’ve been playing StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

jh2This is a game I have completed twice already but it’s such an amazing game. It’s the last expansion to the StarCraft 2 saga made by Blizzard and it’s a Real Time Strategy game. This is a genre I’ve always enjoyed since the days of Warcraft 3 and Command and Conquer.

For those of you that have heard of StarCraft 2, this expansion is easily, for me, the best one of the series. The storyline behind it is amazing and it ties up loose ends from the days of StarCraft back in the 90’s as well as StarCraft 2 over 5 years ago and Heart of the Swarm, the second instalment to StarCraft 2.

There are lots of jaw dropping moments, the first time you see Ulnar, Zeratuls involvement, The Taldarim and all sorts. The actual gameplay is very easy to pick up also; it gives help during the first few missions and then prompts visually after that should you need it. For those who are used to RTS games it will have a familiar feel in controls. Continue reading What the NintendPals & Pals Have Been Playing – 16/04/16

What The NintendPals and Pals Have Been Playing – 09/04/16

If you would like to be involved in this weekly article than feel free to contact Myles at
For now though here’s what we’ve been playing this week.

Dave Gillam – NintendPals Listener
I remember back in 2010-ish when the original Rocksmith was announced. You probably remember too, it was when rhythm-action fatigue was setting in and it was hard to even muster a sarcastic remark about Activision running something into the ground so hard it created a new tectonic fault line. Rocksmith, though was the new kid on the block, it promised to be an actual music learning tool as well as a fun game. I simply couldn’t manage to be more apathetic towards this game and all it promised, but about 2 years ago I bought it in a Steam Sale because it was cheap and I have been shredding weekly ever since.


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