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The Legend of Zelda Series Got Some Love In The Nintendo Direct


Twilight Princess getting the HD treatment on Wii U has been a rumor that’s been going around for quite some time now. Well, as it turns out, it’s actually true. During the recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is on the way.

It’s also getting it’s own Wolf Link Amiibo and it will be compatible with all other Legend of Zelda based Amiibo’s. Furthermore, the new Amiibo will be able to carry over data to Legend of Zelda Wii U when it releases. It’s also getting a bundle with the new Amiibo and a soundtrack if you pre-order. Twilight Princess HD, the Amiibo, and the bundle will be out March 4, 2016.

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Square Enix Had Some Announcements During Today’s Nintendo Direct

There were many bombs dropped in today’s Nintendo Direct. Surprisingly, quite a few of the biggest announcements came from Square Enix. First up, we have Bravely Second: End Layer, which was briefly mentioned but given a Spring 2016 release time frame.

FinalFantasyExplorersCollectorsEditionNext we have Final Fantasy Explorers which is getting a collector’s edition. It’ll come with a 20-track soundtrack, a 32-page art book, a special 3DS hard case, and special quests that unlock legendary weapons. The collector’s edition is only available in the Square Enix store and is going for $69.99. Furthermore, they also shown off more gameplay that shows you can use outfits and characters from past Final Fantasy games as well as you can rename your spells. Expect to be having your final fantasy (again) January 26, 2016.

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Shovel Knight Getting Amiibo With Wii U Exclusive Features And Free DLC On All Platforms


Shovel Knight is digging its way back into the news! This time, in a more physical manner. As we all know, Shovel Knight is getting a retail release this October on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and 3DS. However, what we just learned during the Nindies@Night event that Shovel Knight is also getting an Amiibo. That’s right, Shovel Knight will be the first indie game character to receive an Amiibo and the Amiibo functions will be exclusive to Wii U.

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Devil’s Third Gets Release Date For North America


Nintendo’s PR today was loaded with some information. Along with the release date for Fatal Frame, we also learned a release date for another title that’s already out in Japan and will be out very soon in PAL territories. That game is Devil’s Third and we can now expect to the see the game December 11th in North America. Furthermore, unlike Fatal Frame, Devil’s Third will see both a digital and physical release.

Here’s 30 minutes of online gameplay for your viewing pleasure from NiNTENDOMiNATi0N:

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Gets Release Date For North America; Digital Only


During E3 this year, there were several titles that were missing from Nintendo’s lineup. Among those games was the newest entry in the known survival-horror series, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. While the game released last year in Japan and has been known to be coming out in Europe for some time now, in North America, fans are left wondering what’s going on.

Well I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water received a release date of October 22 for this year and will be $49.99. It will also be free to start, allowing players to download and play the first chapter and most of the second chapter with no cost.

Unfortunately, that brings us to the bad news. Unlike Japan and Europe, the game is an eShop exclusive and won’t see a physical release. You can either buy the full game directly from the eShop or purchase it in game via DLC. It was speculated last month that the game would be digital only when the eShop symbol appeared next to the game on Nintendo’s site. It seems to be true now.

Pokken Tournament Releasing Spring 2016 On Wii U Globally

Pokken_Tournament_Pikachu_LibreDuring the Pokemon World Championships, fans received some good and unexpected news. Pokken Tournament  will be getting a world-wide release on Wii U in spring 2016. This announcement came in the way of a trailer that you can see below.

Since the announcement of Bandai Namco working on a Tekken-style Pokemon fighter, fans have been clamoring for a Wii U release. The game was released first in arcades in Japan earlier this summer to work on balancing and bugs in a real world environment before they brought it to console. Last month, Bandai Namco announced that they’ll be doing the same style testing at Dave & Busters in the US.

Legend of Legacy Releasing October 13th, Getting Launch Edition


The holiday season is approaching and with it, we’re beginning to get some release dates. Today’s release date comes in the way of the 3DS RPG and spiritual successor of the Saga games, Legend of Legacy. Atlus has announced that they’ll be releasing the game in North America, October 13th. Unfortunately, there’s no word on a European release.

To take it a step further, Atlus has announced a launch edition for the game. The launch edition includes a 40-page hardcover art book and a 10-track soundtrack CD, all in a 6″ x 8″ box. The launch edition will come at no extra cost. This is great for those who are pre-ordering and definitely sweetens the deal of picking this one up.