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Rogue Aces Review (Switch)

I don’t think you’ll ever see a WWII experience quite like Rogue Aces. Strap into the cockpit of a fighter plane during the most irreverent battles of a fictionalized WWII and get ready to blow a lot of stuff up. Rogue Aces is a rogue-like side scrolling shooter […]

Yakuza 6 – Minigame Extravaganza

Hey, it’s Jason here and I have the responsibility… nay, the privilege of reviewing Yakuza 6.  But you’re going to have to wait a little while longer for the full review. What I’m actually doing today is giving a short preview of all the minigames you should have […]

The Alliance Alive Review (3DS)

Cattle Call’s first attempt at making a love letter to JRPGs of the past, The Legend of Legacy, was a flop for even the niche 3DS market for JRPGs. Teaming back up with Grezzo (The Unofficial Nintendo’s 3DS Zelda team) and FuRyu (Most notable for… Unchained Blade and […]