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RIME Review (Switch)

Rime is a 3D adventure/puzzle game that follows the journey of a kid who awakens on an island after being shipwrecked. Exploration and puzzle solving are the key to surviving the many mysteries of this unfamiliar land. There are a number of creatures that inhabit the island that […]

Super Mario Odyssey Review (Switch)

Mario has been on numerous adventures throughout the 30+ years he’s been around. He’s fought countless enemies, thwarted untold plots to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and rescued Princess Peach more times than we could possibly count. His newest adventure takes him to even more places he’s never […]

Monster Hunter Stories

The Monster Hunter series has brought many hours of fun to me and my friends over the years. The best part is teaming up with three of your friends and exploring locations to hunt down large, monstrous beasts. The goal of this is to obtain materials from the […]

Earth Atlantis Review (Switch)

Moving from left to right, shooting everything in sight. It’s a simple mechanic, but so many games have explored that concept and done so in very different ways. Shooters are starting to appear more and more on the Switch and they come in a few different varieties.