Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas Review (Nintendo Switch)

Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas was originally developed for iOS devices back in 2013 and has been ported over the years to other consuls like PS4, Vita and now finally the Nintendo switch. The game starts with you, the unnamed protagonist, waking up to find your father has gone off to defeat a monster named Oceanhorn. With your dead mother’s pendant glowing and leading you to find a weapon, the story unfolds to reveal that something evil is going on in the world around you. Continue reading “Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas Review (Nintendo Switch)”

Vaccine Review (Switch)

“Despite all your efforts, your friend got infected again.” That’s the message you’re greeted with when you boot up Vaccine. This is a game recently for the Nintendo Switch that doesn’t hide the fact it was heavily inspired by classic horror games like Resident Evil. From tank controls to static cameras to heavily pixelated 3D graphics everything about this game screams old school. Does it really stand up to the test of time however, or is it a relic of a bygone age?

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GoNNER Review (Nintendo Switch)

Don’t let the cute design or simplicity fool you, GoNNER is a hard game. GoNNER is a roguelike 2D platformer with procedurally-generated levels which means you’re gonna have your work cut out for you reaching the goal of each stage.

You play as a small blob equipped with a skull, gun, and a backpack. Each level you start by exiting a giant snake creature and end each level getting eaten by a giant snake creature. Between you and each snake creature is an army of demonic looking things that you can either eliminate or avoid. Each level will get progressively harder with the inclusion of more enemies, as well as more difficult terrain to traverse. Continue reading “GoNNER Review (Nintendo Switch)”

Valkyria Revolution Review (PS4)

My first real experience with the Valkyria franchise was the remake of the original game that was release last year. It was a beautiful experience that introduced me to a franchise I’d had interest in before, but hadn’t played. The turn based tactics married beautifully with cover mechanics and light third person shooting. I was immediately hooked. Fast forward to this year and I was again excited at the prospect of getting back into that world again with Valkyria Revolution. The experience hasn’t quite been the same.

Valkyria Revolution is a spin-off of the regular Chronicles timeline of games. It’s set in an alternate universe to an alternate universe where Europe is again at war. This time, though. It’s not all about guns and tanks. Swords and magic make an appearance. The game is set, as mentioned, in a universe that’s different from the already established universe. It takes place 100 years before the events of those games. War has broken out between two major powers. The Ruzi Empire is the dominate force in the area. Jutland wants to break free and rule themselves so they start, as the name suggests, a revolution. However, the events of the war are all controlled by a group of five people known in the story as the Traitors.

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Mighty Gunvolt Burst Review (Switch)

I really wanted to find a way to talk about this game without comparing it to the Mega Man series, but you really can’t. If you’re a long time fan of that franchise you’ve been waiting a long time for another game like that to come along. Mighty No. 9 tried, but didn’t really live up to the expectations people placed on it. Mighty Gunvolt was a spin-off of the 3DS game Azure Striker Gunvolt. That short experience felt close to what fans of Mega Man had been wanting, but hadn’t got. The development team is back again, this time with a full-sized ‘sequel’ to that game. This is the game that I feel Mighty No. 9 wanted to be. It’s like a second chance for that game and you really should play it if you’re looking for that Mega Man fix.

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Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero (Switch)

There are few companies that I pay attention to more when they say they’re making a 2D platformer than Wayforward. They’re most famous character may be the half-genie with the purple hair, Shantae. What started out as a cult hit on a Nintendo handheld a few years ago has grown into a crowd-funded favorite who is seeing a console dedicated release for the first time with Shantae: ½ Genie Hero. Each release is the series has gotten more streamlined and prettier. She’s added more dances to her repertoire. All of the series’ favorite faces make a return.

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Disgaea 5 Complete Review (Switch)

There really haven’t been many opportunities for Nintendo fans to get a chance to check out just what the Disgaea series is all about. Disgaea 5 Complete is the only game in the series to be on a Nintendo platform, with the exception of the remake of the first game on the DS in 2008. This game is a port of the original PS4 release from 2015 with all of the game’s DLC included. It comes fresh on the heels of the release of a Fire Emblem game, but I don’t think you should give this game a pass because of that. It’s pretty darn good in it’s own right.

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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Review (Switch)

If you’re a person of my age, or even a little older, you’ve been playing Street Fighter II for more than 25 years at this point. I have very fond memories of sitting in bowling alley arcades, quarters lined up on the screen playing with a group of regular friends who were always there the same nights I was. Then there were home console versions of the game on the Super Nintendo and the Genesis. The game has evolved over the years and numerous iterations have been released in that time on most platforms available. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers on Switch is the most recent version of the game to be available and the first since the 2008 release of Hyper Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Minecraft Review (Switch)

It is absolutely impossible to talk about Minecraft in today’s gaming landscape as if it’s a new game. It’s been commercially available since 2011 and it’s been ported to nearly every possible platform available. It would be redundant, then, to talk about this as if it was a new release and I’m just not going to do that. Instead I’m going to talk about the things that are specific to this version of the game, and hopefully by the end of this review you’ll understand why I think this is the best possible console version of the game to date.

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