Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas Review (Nintendo Switch)

Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas was originally developed for iOS devices back in 2013 and has been ported over the years to other consuls like PS4, Vita and now finally the Nintendo switch. The game starts with you, the unnamed protagonist, waking up to find your father has gone off to defeat a monster named Oceanhorn. With your dead mother’s pendant glowing and leading you to find a weapon, the story unfolds to reveal that something evil is going on in the world around you. Continue reading “Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas Review (Nintendo Switch)”

First Screens From New Switch Exclusive

I don’t know anything about this game, but these screenshots come from gameblog.fr. The game, called Seasons of Heaven, is coming from California based Any Arts Production and it looks gorgeous. The only thing we really know about it is that the game will be a Switch exclusive. Aside from that no details about the game are known at this time. There is an interview … Continue reading First Screens From New Switch Exclusive

Fast Racing Neo Alpha Screens and New Info


Over the past year or so, Shin’en Multimedia’s new racer, FAST Racing Neo, has been a topic of much debate when talking about the Wii U’s hardware and capabilities. We’ve heard time and time again that it will take better advantage of the Wii U’s resources. A while back, we saw environmental screens of the game that show the engine a little. However, outside of those environmental shots, we haven’t really seen much on the game.

Well, I got some good news for you. Shin’en Multimedia updated their website today with some alpha screens. Oh my goodness, this game looks good.

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New Antipole Screenshots Released

Antipole released for DSiWare back in 2011. It was also available on PC and Xbox Live Indie Games. I played it and enjoyed the heck out of it when I did. It’s a platformer that uses magnetism as a primary mechanic. It was challenging at times, but I couldn’t put it down until I was done. Saturning Games has released a new batch of screenshots … Continue reading New Antipole Screenshots Released

Atlus RPG Citizens of Earth Getting Launch Discounts

Citizens of Earth PromoAtlus is releasing their retro-inspired RPG Citizens of Earth next Tuesday on PC, Wii U, 3DS, PS4 and and they’re giving anyone who buys the game early a little present. If you pick up the game within the first week, or two weeks depending on platform they’re giving you a little discount. The full run down of discounts available is as follows:

Steam — Launches Tuesday, Jan. 20

20% discount ($11.99) and soundtrack download at launch for one week (through 1/27)

PS4 and PS Vita (North America) — Launches Tuesday, Jan. 20

20% discount ($11.99) for PS Plus subscribers at launch for two weeks (through 2/3)

Wii U and 3DS (North America) — Launches Tuesday, Jan. 20

20% discount ($11.99) at launch for one week (through 1/27)

PS4 and PS Vita (Europe) — Launches Wednesday, Jan. 21

Similar discounts are planned for Europe, but exact details are unknown

Wii U and 3DS (Europe) — Launches Thursday, Jan. 22

20% discount (€9,59) at launch for one week (through 1/29); people who own either version can buy the other platform at 40% discount; buy one, get the other for €7,19 for one week only (through 1/29)

To get you ready they’ve also passed along a few screenshots which you can see after the break.

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Shapes of Gray Screens and Trailer

Shapes of Gray is an interesting looking game concept that I’m keeping my eye on. The developer, Trent Steen of Secret Tunnel Entertainment, described the game to me as WarioWare meets Hotline Miami. I’ve also heard it described as WarioWare meets Dark Souls. Just exactly what each of those means is really hard to tell. From the video of the game I’ve seen it’s a … Continue reading Shapes of Gray Screens and Trailer

Ganondorf Heads Up New Hyrule Warriors Info

 Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf Closeup

Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct presentation last night focused on information all about the upcoming action title Hyrule Warriors. The video showed off new items, details on Adventure Mode, more details about existing characters, details about DLC and even one new playable character, Ganondorf.

For starters new items that were shown off bring more familiar Zelda game play to the stage. Items like bombs allow you to blow up elements of the environment to uncover rupees, hidden passages and take out large swathes of enemy soldiers in one blow. Chain chomp acts like a large flail allowing you to swing it around your head or even use it to create an area of effect shockwave. The hookshot, a Zelda staple, gives you incredible range for your attacks and allows you to reach areas that would otherwise be unreachable. Bombchus are no longer mouse-sized but are huge and capable of some pretty sizeable destruction. Cuccoos are both a hazard and a help as they will attack players that harm them. You can use this as an advantage though as you can also have them attack enemy characters. Gold Skulltulas are also hidden throughout the environment just like they were in previous Zelda games.

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The Warrior Queen Coming to Wii U

A couple of weeks ago Zen Studios released the first batch of DLC for Castlestorm, called From Outcast to Savior, that added 20 new missions, new troops and a new Hero for the Royal Guard.  They promised that the second batch of DLC would make its way to the console in the future and that time has arrived.  Thursday, March 13th Castlestorms get a little … Continue reading The Warrior Queen Coming to Wii U