Ore Creative Becomes Nindie Developer, Bringing Ira to Switch

“A child reaches for the stars, burdened by circumstance. Folks chained by debt, indentured to the powers at large. The year is 1930, mankind is thrust to the stars following after a signal spanning the void of space and time itself.” Yep. That’s enough to get me interested in your game. That’s the description of a new, upcoming game called Ira, from Chicago based developer … Continue reading Ore Creative Becomes Nindie Developer, Bringing Ira to Switch

Mr. Shifty Review (Switch)

Let me sum this up for you. You’re a master thief who’s been tasked with stealing a plutonium core for a corrupt corporation led by a man named Chairman Stone. You have the power to shift (i.e. teleport) short distances. You have to sneak and many times fight your way through dozens of hired goons to accomplish this task while also avoiding clever traps that Stone has set for you. Sounds pretty cool, right? That’s the premise behind Mr. Shifty, a top down brawler in the vein of games like Hotline Miami.

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Jackbox Party Pack 3 Review (Switch)

Just about everybody on the planet has some sort of internet connected device these days. whether it’s a phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, or a Wii U GamePad. That’s also all it takes for people who are interested in playing the Jackbox Party Pack. These bundle of trivia games will also leave everyone in the room laughing for hours. The Switch just received the third set of this series, Jackbox Party Pack 3. While it’s a hefty price $25 for what amounts to five different trivia games it’s well worth the asking price.

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Dragon Quest Heroes II Demo: PS4 vs. Switch

Dragon Quest Heroes II is easily one of my most anticipated games of the year so when I heard that there was a demo available on the Japanese eShop on Switch I immediately went to download it and play through it. If you played the first game then you’ll know exactly what to expect. You, and a party of three other people run around various environments killing horde up horde of enemies. There are different objectives, that usually revolve around defending a specific point or taking down a specific monster, that you need to complete along the way. The first game was available on PS4 here in the US and the Switch is getting a bundle of the first and second games in one package, though a release date for the US has not yet been announced.

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Snake Pass Review (Switch)

We’ve all played platformers over the years and many of them have to do something to stand out from the rest. Most platforming games have you jumping from place to place to place trying to collect everything in sight. Snake Pass, the latest game from Sumo Digital, is a platformer, with light puzzle elements and plenty of things collect. Unlike most games in the genre, however, this one stands out from the crowd in how you move around the world and explore.

You play as a snake named Noodle and you’re accompanied by your friend Doodle, a hummingbird. Someone is threatening the peace of their world and it’s up to you to play through the game’s 15 levels to bring peace and beauty back to the world. You slither around the world in a way that most platformers have never really asked you to do before. You can’t jump. You’re a snake. So you must navigate around the world using no arms, and no legs. Only your slippery, serpentine body and the motions that would allow a snake to move. The story is there, but it’s not the reason you’re going to want to go through the game. This puzzle platformer is unlike anything you’ve probably played before.

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Image & Form’s Engine Room Talks Relationship With Nintendo

Image & Form recently announced a new entry in the Steamworld series would be coming to Nintendo Switch.  In the most recent episode of their behind the scenes series, The Engine Room, the developers talk about a possible physical release of Steamworld Dig 2 on Switch, their relationship with Nintendo, and you get to meet the lead designer of the game, Robert Olsén. Continue reading Image & Form’s Engine Room Talks Relationship With Nintendo

Disgaea 5 Opening Cinematic

Disgaea 5 Complete launches here in the United States on May 23rd and in Europe on May 26th for the Switch.  The game will be available at retail and digitally through the eShop.  Here you can check out the opening cinematic of the game and some new screenshots.  The game is currently available through the Japanese eShop and includes an English language option if you … Continue reading Disgaea 5 Opening Cinematic

Nintendo Download: Week of March 23rd

This week see Android getting the release of Super Mario Run, after iOS having the exlusive for approximately six months. Also Has Been Heroes drops on Switch, and Mario Sports Superstars hits 3DS. If you’re a fan of Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the animated shorts that came out around the time of that release you’ll be happy as you can now redeem some of your precious Platinum My Nintendo coins to obtain those shorts for yourself. For the rest of the releases head past the break.

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