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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 339

Leng and Ethan join Tony and Shannon this week to talk about Pokemon, Nintendo Badge Arcade, Shannons possible new obsession with Japanese UFO catchers and a whole lot more.  We even dive into a couple of big Switch rumors that came out this week.  One of them could make you rabbid.  You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Nintendo Okie Podcast Episode … Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 339

Nintendo Download – Week of November 17th


It’s Pokemon day in the eShop. Pokemon Sun & Moon release this week (technically tomorrow, but who’s counting). Also, if you haven’t played it Wario Land Shake It! Drops for the VC on Wii U. That game is a really fun, really funny platformer starring everyone’s favorite greedy anti-hero. Check it out, seriously.

For the full list of new releases this week head past the break, and be nice to Poplio.

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Super Mario Run Release Date Revealed

Nintendo’s first real game after the launch of Miitomo finally has a release date. Super Mario Run, which was announced in a surprise earlier this year, will hit iOS on December 15th.  The game will be free for everyone to download and they’ll be able to sample each of the game’s three modes.  If you like what you see and you want to get the … Continue reading Super Mario Run Release Date Revealed

New 3DS Available Under $100 For the First Time

If you’re in the market for a New Nintendo 3DS system then Nintendo has a Black Friday deal just for you.  Starting on November 25th, for a limited time, the New 3DS will be available for $99.99.  The system comes in either the Black version seen here or a white version, both of which are decorated with popular Mushroom Kingdom characters. The 3DS has some … Continue reading New 3DS Available Under $100 For the First Time

New Mario Game Revealed


During today’s reveal trailer for the Nintendo NX, now called Switch, a new game that has never been seen before was revealed. That game is, in fact, a new Mario game. Not a lot of details have been shown at this time. We don’t know a name for the game, we don’t know if it will be a launch title for Switch. We don’t know if Luigi will be in the game, officially. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.


So what exactly did the trailer show about the game during it’s stealth reveal? Not a lot really. It does appear to have a camera angle more along the lines of a game like Super Mario Galaxy. It does appear to take place on worlds similar in layout to something like Super Mario 3D World, but it appears that the camera is closer and more directly behind Mario’s back like his Wii counterpart than in that game that was released on Wii U. It appears that there is at least one area that is themed like a Wild West, or Mexican style of town. You can see one enemy jumping around in the bottom right corner of the screen that appears to be wearing a sombrero. Whether that’s a Snifit, or a Shy Guy, or something else was a little hard to tell. The color palette of that area is very vibrant.

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Nintendo Download: Week of October 20th


I know everyone is amped for today’s big reveal, but there are still other things to talk about. If you haven’t yet played Steamworld Heist, but you’re interested in a really fun side scrolling strategy game then you should check that out. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks joins its predecessor, Phantom Hourglass on the Wii U Virtual Console.

For the full list of games and deals available through the Nintendo eShop head past the break.

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Monster Hunter Generations Gets Two New Crossover Sets Today

Monster Hunter Generations gets new crossover armor and weapon sets today. Capcom brings one of their most iconic arcade franchises with Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Felynes can get a set of armor that decks them out to look like Arthur. Fans of Fire Emblem get a treat with a new set of armor that will bring the iconic look of Marth into the game. Not only … Continue reading Monster Hunter Generations Gets Two New Crossover Sets Today

Data Drain

Data Drain – Episode 22 (AM2R)

I often wonder how to get guests to agree to be on this podcast then I find out that asking them is pretty simple. This episode we discuss AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) with special guest Milton Guasti who spent like 10 years working on this game. Data Drain – Episode 22 (AM2R) Starring: Milton, Shelby, Jason, Ethan Run Time: 00:58:36 You can explore the … Continue reading Data Drain – Episode 22 (AM2R)

Nintendo Download : Week of September 22nd


Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse leads this week’s Nintendo Downloads. If you’re looking for a great RPG on 3DS to play that’s one you should definitely check out. Severed hits Wii U this week. Then you have Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Virtual Console for Wii U and a few Final Fight games heading to the New 3DS.

For the full list of games making their eShop debut and a list of games that are going on sale this week head past the break.

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