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Nintendo Download: Week of October 6th


It’s Paper Mario release week in the eShop this week. Paper Mario Color Splash goes on sale tomorrow. That’s the biggest release of the week and the last major release for the Wii U for the rest of the year and into next year until The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Virtual Console gets a couple big games this week as well.

Head past the break for the full list of releases available this week.

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Nintendo Download: Week of September 29th

Yokai Watch 2.jpg

This week is a pretty big week in the eShop. Yokai Watch 2 drops two different versions of the game. So whether you like Fleshy Souls or Bony spirits they’ve got you covered. Sonic gets another game on the 3DS (you can read our review here: ) You can also check out one of the better Mega Man style games on 3DS in the sequel to Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Head past the break for the full list of games available to download this week.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Review (Wii U)

Battle Mirages as they try to steal Performa from the world, all while keeping up with your dance lessons and recording you new hit single.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Review

Three Stars

Game purchased from retail, DLC purchased from the eShop
Played through the story, did all side-stories and most of the side requests
Total Play Time: 90 hours

Steamworld Collection Going To Retail

Rising Star Steamworld.jpg

Image & Form’s really good Steamworld series is getting a retail release. Rising Star Games announced today that they will be publishing the two games, as part of one package called The Steamworld Collection, to retail stores.

Both games, Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist will be available as part of the collection. It will hit stores for the PS4 and Wii U in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East beginning in October. A firm date has not been announced as of yet, but they have announced that it will cost you $29.99 to grab the set.. I’ve reached out to the company for word on the release date and will update the story as those details become available.

I have played both games and really like them both. I would highly recommend, if you haven’t already played them, that you pick this collection up and give them a try.

Nintendo Download: Week of June 9th

Kirby Robobot

Kirby comes out this week. That leads the pack in new content released in the eShop this week. Also, don’t forget, if you haven’t created a My Nintendo account and linked it to your Nintendo Network ID then do so. There will be a big sale coming right after E3 that you want to be prepared for.

Head past the break to see all the new content coming to the Wii U and 3DS this week.

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LEGO Dimensions Does Toys-to-Life Right

Fantastic Beasts

Warner Bros. has announced the details for the upcoming expansions to LEGO Dimensions, their take on the toys-to-life business, and I must say they’re going about it the right way. In all 17 new packs will be released to expand the game play of the already stellar game that was released last year. Some of these new packs will simply add new characters to the playable roster, others will add completely new adventures to be had, all based on very popular properties across movies and TV shows.

It all begins on September 27th when the first of the new sets arrive. Those sets are:

Ghostbusters Story Pack (which includes content based on the upcoming Ghostbusters film such as Abby Yates minifig, and a 3-in-1 Ecto 1 vehicle)

Adventure Time Level Pack
Mission Impossible Level Pack
Harry Potter Team Pack
Adventure Time Team Pack
A-Team Fun Pack

From there additional expansions will be released.

“We’ve built upon the existing LEGO DIMENSIONS Starter Pack to expand the gameplay possibilities with entirely new LEGO experiences that can’t be found anywhere else,” – Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games

Read on for further details about what will be released throughout the Fall and into next Summer.

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Skylanders Imaginators Lets You Create The Hero

SkylanderImagination. That’s what the newest game in the Skylanders franchise uses. The power of a child’s imagination. Skylanders Imaginators was announced today. The game, which launches in October, will for the first time, give the player the ability to really create their own characters. Previous games would allow you to mix and match some parts to create unique characters, however, not to this amount of depth. The new creation system will allow you to customize appearance, powers, abilities, names, catchphrases, musical themes and more.

“Since we launched the very first Skylanders game, we have received countless letters and drawings from kids all over the world sharing their vision for their own Skylanders.” – CEO of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg

31 new Skylanders characters will be introduced, including a group called Skylanders Senseis. They represent 10 powerful classes such as Knight, Sorcerer, Bowslinger, Brawler and others. They have special abilities that will allow them access to special areas in the game. These new senseis also include some former foes who now fight for the side of good.

If you’re interested in the chance to have one of your own creations appear in the game Activision is giving you just that chance. Beginning today submit drawings of your Skylander to Activision via Instagram or Twitter using the hastag #SkylandersArtContest. You can also submit them directly to Activision by emailing For more information on this contest visit

Skylanders Imaginators will launch for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Wii U on October 16th. The Starter Pack retails for $74.99 and includes two Skylanders, a Creation Crystal, the Portal of Power and the game.