Alex Neuse (Gaijin Games) (Quick Hit)

Alexis Bacot (Izle)

Anthony Marinello (Madden NFL Football 3DS)

Antti Ilvessuo (MotoHeroz)

Brjann Sigurgeirsson (Steamworld Heist)

David Braben (LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias)

Daniel Nixon (Red Lynx) (audio interview)

Danny Doeberling (Madden NFL 12)

Douglas Gregory (Flip’s Twisted World)

Ed Roman (Rage of the Gladiator / Post Mortem)

Ed Roman (Ghostfire Games) (Quick Hit)

Evan Patterson and Matt Heinzen (Big John Games/Cube Creator 3D)

Felix Bohatsch (And Yet It Moves)

Gabriel Cicera (Cosmonaut Games)(Quick Hit)

Henry Lane (Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time)

Jonathan Moses (Centipede: Infestation)

Jordan Fisher and TJ Lutz (Pwnee Studios) (audio interview)

Jose Giacomelli (Dive: The Medes Island Secret/Cosmonaut Games)

Jose Giacomelli (Cosmonaut Games)(Quick Hit)

Josh Dunbar (Artist)

Katy Creider (Penguinotic Designs)

Keith Webb (Go! Go! Kokopolo)

Kyle Gabler & Ron Carmel (2D Boy) (Quick Hit)

Mark Orgel (Disney Universe)

Martin Richards (IGS/Mini Wii Remote)

Matt Piersall (GL33k)

Mel Kirk (Zen Pinball 3D)

Mel Kirk and Neal Sorens (Zen Studios) (audio interview)

Mike Rhinehart (NHL 2K11)

Mike Roush/Chris Osborn (Gaijin Games) (Quick Hit)

Nick Wozniak, Sean Velasco, Erin Pellon and Ian Flood (Yacht Club Games)

Ole Ivar Rudi (Rain Games) (World to the West)

The OneUps (Music)

Peter Ong (Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion)

Richard Hill-Whittal (Icon Games)

Rob Hewson (Dark Energy Digital)

Rhys Lewis (Squarehead Studios)

Scott Meriam (Rage of the Gladiator)

Sean Wilson (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12)

Tim Spanger/Matt Read (Madden NFL 11)

Tony Ablewhite (Puzzler Mind Gym 3D)

Trey Smith (NBA Jam)

Ole Teglbjaerg Part Deux (Max and the Magic Marker)

Ole Teglbjærg Part Troix (Max and the Magic Marker)

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