Infinite Mini-Golf Gets Free Pirate DLC

Zen Studios has released a new update to their recent release of Infinite Mini-Golf.  This DLC that is now available is called “Tortuga” and includes 172 new holes to play in a pirate themed world. You can use these new elements in the course creator and play new tournaments based in this world as well. The DLC is available for all platforms including the Switch, … Continue reading Infinite Mini-Golf Gets Free Pirate DLC

Mutant Mudds Collection Coming to Switch

Nintendo is getting another great release in the platformer library. Atooi announced today that they’ll be bringing a new compliation of games to the Nintendo Switch. It’s called Mutant Mudds Collection and it includes some of the hardest platforming challenges I’ve played since the Mega Man games on the NES. This package will include Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which was an updated version of the original … Continue reading Mutant Mudds Collection Coming to Switch

Quest of Dungeons Review (Switch)

There are a lot of rogue-like games on the market now and they’re the kind of game you either love or hate. Quest of Dungeons has been out for a while on other systems, like the 3DS and PC, but it’s just recently been released for the Nintendo Switch. There are a lot of games in the genre out there vying for your attention. What makes this one a game you should check out?

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Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Details

Fire Emblem Warriors launches for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS on October 20th.  The game, for anyone that doesn’t know, is similar to Hyrule Warriors, which was available for 3DS and Wii U.  Today Nintendo announced what the DLC packs for the game will look like. More information about each DLC pack will be announced later.  You can pick up the full Season Pass for … Continue reading Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Details

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 381

This week Tony digs holes, Ethan battles for land rights and Shelby rescues the Pooka. episode-381 Starring – Tony, Ethan, Shelby Run time – 1:20:50 If you would like to ask us a question or such, you can use the Facebook group, ask us on Twitter or send an email to You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 381

Minecraft Review (New 3DS)

Minecraft is out on just about every platform imaginable at this point. If it’s got a screen or can connect to one there’s a good chance there’s a version of Minecraft for it. The one exception to that was the 3DS. There are a number of clones, but a proper Minecraft experience just wasn’t available. That is until now. New Nintendo 3DS owners now have a version of Minecraft all their own. How does this experience stack up to the other versions that are out there?

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