Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 361

Shannon becomes a space pirate, Tony stumbles over explosives and Ethan hangs out in the Velvet Room while Shelby tries to get inside it. episode-361 Starring – Tony, Shannon, Ethan, Shelby Run time – 1:44:38 You can write into the show with the address Follow us on Twitter, join our cool Facebook group and check out our YouTube channel. Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 361

Ore Creative Becomes Nindie Developer, Bringing Ira to Switch

“A child reaches for the stars, burdened by circumstance. Folks chained by debt, indentured to the powers at large. The year is 1930, mankind is thrust to the stars following after a signal spanning the void of space and time itself.” Yep. That’s enough to get me interested in your game. That’s the description of a new, upcoming game called Ira, from Chicago based developer … Continue reading Ore Creative Becomes Nindie Developer, Bringing Ira to Switch

Lady Layton Gets New Name / Release Date

The newest entry in the Layton series from Level 5 was, up until this point, known as Lady Layton: The Millionare Ariadne’s Conspiracy. Well, today it gets a new name alongside a global release date. The game will now be called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy. It also will be releasing worldwide on July 20th for iOS and Android. The game will … Continue reading Lady Layton Gets New Name / Release Date

Mr. Shifty Review (Switch)

Let me sum this up for you. You’re a master thief who’s been tasked with stealing a plutonium core for a corrupt corporation led by a man named Chairman Stone. You have the power to shift (i.e. teleport) short distances. You have to sneak and many times fight your way through dozens of hired goons to accomplish this task while also avoiding clever traps that Stone has set for you. Sounds pretty cool, right? That’s the premise behind Mr. Shifty, a top down brawler in the vein of games like Hotline Miami.

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Jackbox Party Pack 3 Review (Switch)

Just about everybody on the planet has some sort of internet connected device these days. whether it’s a phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, or a Wii U GamePad. That’s also all it takes for people who are interested in playing the Jackbox Party Pack. These bundle of trivia games will also leave everyone in the room laughing for hours. The Switch just received the third set of this series, Jackbox Party Pack 3. While it’s a hefty price $25 for what amounts to five different trivia games it’s well worth the asking price.

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 360

As Shannon might say we’ve come full circle from last week.  Huge thanks to Ethan and Leng for holding things down while we were all out last week.  We’re all back this week and we talk more Breath of the Wild, get into Jackbox a little, more Persona 5 talk and Micah reveals his shame. Episode 360 Hosts: Tony, Shelby, Micah, Shannon Run Time: 2:19:50 … Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 360

Image & Form Talk Steamworld Ambassador

Would you like to play Steamworld Dig 2 before anyone else?  Would you like to name a robot in the upcoming game?  Well, if you are named as a Steamworld Ambassador you could do just that. Watch this video for all of the details.  You can visit to submit your entry in their comments section.     Continue reading Image & Form Talk Steamworld Ambassador

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 359

This week everyone is out, except for two dudes left to talk about Persona 5. Episode 359 Starring: Leng and Ethan Run Time: 00:59:50 You should totally send us feedback to We also have a Facebook group where you can be one of the awesome social people. If you feel like it maybe stop by our YouTube channel and watch some videos. Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 359