Monster Hunter Stories

The Monster Hunter series has brought many hours of fun to me and my friends over the years. The best part is teaming up with three of your friends and exploring locations to hunt down large, monstrous beasts. The goal of this is to obtain materials from the […]

Earth Atlantis Review (Switch)

Moving from left to right, shooting everything in sight. It’s a simple mechanic, but so many games have explored that concept and done so in very different ways. Shooters are starting to appear more and more on the Switch and they come in a few different varieties.

DOOM Launches on November 10th

Today developer id Software and publisher Bethesda announced that DOOM will be launching for the Nintendo Switch on November 10th.  To get people even more excited for the launch they’ve released a video that shows creative Director Hugo Martin and Executive Producer Marty Stratton talking about the many features […]