Iwata Is Hoping For a Big Holiday

“In September, which people overseas call ‘back-to-school,’ people start to pay more attention to home consoles. If we can convey the appeal of Wii Sports Resort to existing customers then, it will surely contribute to the sales of hardware and generate good momentum toward the holiday season. So […]

La-Mulana Site Opens

Nicalis has lauched the official site for their upcoming WiiWare title La-Mulana. A tease given through their Twitter account this morning was announcing a tease to come soon. Shortly after the official site was opened. If you visit the site, which you can find here, you’ll see concept […]

The Munchables Review

Bright colors and crazy landscapes are in full force during The Munchables. The game evokes a visual style very similar to the Monkey Ball series of games. The various vegetables you encounter all are given a very funny facelift and the main characters display a lot of emotion […]