Israel Alvarado

Izzy Alvarado

Name: Israel Alvarado

Gaming history: When I was young I had a NES, SNES, Atari, and the retro Game Boy. As I grew older I moved on to new platforms and played many awesome games, even though I love the new styles of gaming, you can’t beat the classics.

Favorite Games: All of the Infamous games, the Metal Gear series, and Soul Calibur

Cake or Pie?: Why not both?

Favorite Developer: Bandai Namco games, Konami, Sucker Punch Productions, Blizzard

What’s the one game I like the most that everyone thinks is terrible:   World of Warcraft.

Who in the industry would I like to meet?: There are too many to name, but I would have to say Hideo Kojima. Just meeting him would be epic.

System Profiles:

PSN: Satoshi11086

3DS Friend Code: 1762-4029-8617

Nintendo Network ID: satosi11086

If I could have one job in the games industry, it would be: I would have to say a designer. Just hope everyone will like stick figures and blobs =D

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